Burnaby Camping Bureau 2022

The Camping Bureau is now open and accepting applications for subsidies! The Burnaby Camping Bureau provides subsidies for Burnaby children from low income households to attend a week of summer day camp. Our subsidies of $100 (maximum) will allow children the opportunity to attend a local camp that their families would otherwise be unable to afford. […]

What’s going on with the City of Burnaby May, 2022

Youth Week  May 1 to 7 https://www.burnaby.ca/recreation-and-arts/events/burnaby-youth-week Burnaby Festival of Learning  May 6-10 https://www.burnaby.ca/recreation-and-arts/events/burnaby-festival-learning Burnaby Farmers Market May7 to Oct 29 https://www.burnaby.ca/recreation-and-arts/events/farmers-market Burnaby Blooms  May 7, 14, 21, 28 https://www.burnaby.ca/recreation-and-arts/events/burnaby-blooms Summer Season at Burnaby Village Museum  May 7 to Sept 4 – this is their 50th Anniversary https://www.burnaby.ca/recreation-and-arts/events/summer-season-burnaby-village-museum