Who Dat?

Sports Day

Viking for a Day – Wednesday, June 7

This is an all day (9-3) event hosted by North. Aubrey students will join Grade 7 students from other feeder schools. They will meet their future classmates and will participate in a variety of activities together.

This event is only for our Grade 7’s that are going to north next year.
We will leave Aubrey at 8:55 and walk to North together.
Students are to wear the team t-shirt they will be given on Tuesday, and dress for the weather.
Students should bring a water bottle as no beverages will be provided. 
Lunch (hot dog and chips), a snack (granola bar) and a freezie will be provided.
We will walk back to Aubrey by 3:00.




False Creek Walk

Valedictorian Wanted

Position: Valedictorian for Class of 2017

Job Description:
Division 2 is looking for a valedictorian who can work with two other valedictorians (from Divisions 1 and 3) to write and present a valedictory speech on behalf of the class of 2017.


  • a Grade 7 student in Division 2
  • a good role model
  • desire to show leadership 

Skills needed:

  • can work with others as part of a team
  • is organized and can complete tasks on time
  • has ideas and writing skills
  • is an effective speaker and presenter

Pay / Reward:

  • the respect and admiration of your audience including family, grad class, staff, other parents and younger students
  • an engraved personalized medallion for your efforts

Application Process:
Interested students must write a paragraph which includes the following information:

  • a little bit of background information including your “experience” at Aubrey School
  • why you want to be valedictorian
  • why you would be a good valedictorian
  • some things you would like to say in a valedictory speech

Please submit your application to Mr. P. Martin in the Human Resources department by Friday, May 26.

Good-bye and Good Luck

No! No! No! Not to our Grade 7’s. Good-bye and good luck to our 48 or so chum fry that we released into Stoney Creek. Hopefully, one or more will return to spawn in a few years.

According to one of your classmates, we walked about eleven kilometres. Is that your longest walk? What are your thoughts on the release and the hike? Any highlights?

Class of 2017 – Yearbook Biographies

Please check over your biography. Talk to Mr. Martin if anything needs to be changed.

Jessica Chen

I gained my confidence with my childhood time that I spent here. If I were a tree, Aubrey would be the soil. If I were the sky, Aubrey would be the sun. All the trips we have been on, all the activities we did. They all intruded into my life unexpectedly, but eventually blended together with me. People come on Monday with a grin, and leave on Friday with a smile, but when the last bell rings, we have to say goodbye.


Angela Chu

Wow! I can’t believe it’s time for high school already! It feels like just yesterday I was in grade one. But now it’s off to high school! However, the fun memories Aubrey brought will stay with me no matter what. The friends that I’ve made at Aubrey are irreplaceable and will always be my friends. Let’s hope we can see each other in high school. Goodbye Aubrey. I’ll miss you!


Daniel Duan

Grade 7 will be my last year here and the last being with all of my friends. It was very fun in Grade 7 with the adventures like the fieldtrip we did to the salmon hatchery. I’m so sad that it’s over. My favourite things I did this year is PE and improving in math. That made me super happy. The reason I was not so good at math is because my English wasn’t that strong but it is much better now.


Jenny Ruth Flores

Wow!!! I’m going to be in high school…But I’m going to miss Aubrey so much. I’m going to miss my friends and amazing teachers. I’m going to miss the fun times in Aubrey. And don’t worry, I’m going to visit here if it’s a Pro D-day in Burnaby North. Thank you Aubrey for the wonderful year. Farewell amazing Aubrey.


David Guan

OMG! Where has the time gone. I didn’t even realize that I’m going to high school next year. I’ve been to Aubrey since grade 4. I have lots of good memories here and I’ve met lots of friends and kind teachers. It is really exciting to go to high school next year, so I hope I have good luck.


Alina Gunn

When I first came to Aubrey in Kindergarten I was a timid girl, but meeting new friends and growing up with them have helped me gain courage to become who I am now, a bolder but empathetic person! I loved all the times we laughed and played as a class and participating in sports as a Bulldog. We aren’t just friends, we are family. It is hard to say goodbye but this isn’t the end. This is the end of the beginning of our lives.


William Hsu

It’s been four years since I came to Aubrey. I love all the field trips (especially the aquarium) and classes along with the teachers and classmates. I really enjoyed playing games like manhunt and football with my friends. Now I am going to go to Burnaby North and be a Viking. See you guys!!


Binta Jalloh

I first came to Aubrey in Grade 3 and not a lot of people liked me but as the years went on everyone started to love me and I basically slayed elementary. It’s been a good five years. I’ve made so many great memories and met some amazing people. Now I need to prepare to go off and slay high school as well (which I will). So long Aubrey, Ily.


Max Ji

I’m really sad about leaving Aubrey. It is the most exciting year I have ever done. I was here since 2014 and I have many memories with my friends and many happy days. I will never forget the pancake breakfast. I really enjoyed making new friends and I will always remember every moment I spent with them. I will miss you Aubrey Bulldogs.


John Kim

I’m good at sports except baseball. I have been at Aubrey Elementary for two years. My best memories in Grade 7 was playing sports with my friends and doing fundraisers. I’d have to say this year was the best year and Aubrey is the best school. Now I’m in Grade 7 so I’m going to go Burnaby North. I will never forget what happened to me this year. Aubrey Elementary school was my best school. Bye.


Franky Li

I like this school because this school is very fun. My friends are good. Also this school has many interesting games, work and subjects and the teachers are very good too. We have interesting field trips. At lunch we play manhunt. In PE we play dodgeball. I will always remember Grade 7. Thank you to the teachers that taught me for the last two years. I will miss Aubrey.


Annie Lu

I can’t believe that Grade 7 is already coming to an end. I’ve been at Aubrey for eight years! There have been many ups and downs but I will always cherish my time spent here. I loved going to the aquarium and sports day at the end of the year. Aubrey has been an amazing adventure and though it’ll be hard, it’s time for me to move on and go to North. Bye, Aubrey!


Milad Motamedi

I’m already in Grade 7!!! It’s been 8 long years at this school! I can’t believe that! Thank you to all of my friends, classmates, teachers and principal for making me feel special at Aubrey. I’m going to miss playing sports with my friends at recess and lunch. It’s always great fun!  I’m also going to miss the special events, like sports day. In my heart I will always be an Aubrey Bulldog, Thanks, Aubrey!


Sunny Nagra

Hello fellow bulldogs. I know… grade 7 already! Although my time at Aubrey was short, it was memorable. Making the competitive basketball team this year is a highlight. The hike to Capilano Park was nice, but the visit to the Vancouver Aquarium and playing hide and seek with my friends there was my favourite field trip. Now it’s time for me to become a Viking at BNSS. New school, new adventure!


Tetiana Nguyen

I can’t believe that Grade 7 is almost over! I’m really excited to go Burnaby North but, I’ll deeply miss Aubrey. Aubrey had given me the best memories I’ll never forget like the beach dance party and more! I hope my classmates remember me as a kind and happy student. Thank you all. Best wishes to all of the students in Aubrey. I hope that we’ll meet again. Farewell Aubrey.


Alexis Raymundo

Grade 7… it was awesome. I’m really going to miss playing basketball and football with my friends and the field trips made a lot of memories. We almost won the competition of volleyball but the other team was good so we couldn’t beat them. So I will never forgot all my friends and teachers.


Meighan Stoney

Being at Aubrey for eight years has been a fun and crazy experience, and having to leave after all this time will be a bit difficult. I have made so many great friends over the years! Some highlights were playing tag with my friends at lunch and finally being able to lunch monitor for the first time in grade five! I hope that at high school we will never forget the amazing times as a bulldog!


Matthew Vukosavic

Wow! I cannot  believe it is time for high school. I have been here since 2015. I have many memories such as making the competitive volleyball team and making new friends and still having old friends. The best field trip I have had was to the aquarium and playing hide and seek. If you try your hardest you can do anything. Now it is time for me to become a Viking at Burnaby North.


Victor Xam

Time has flown pretty quickly and Grade 7 has now come to an end. I have been at Aubrey for 8 years and I have changed and learned to improve throughout these past years. I have many memories like all of the field trips and all the funny moments with friends. I would like to be remembered as some guy that you know. My future goal is to be a successful person. Bye and good luck to my friends, classmates, and Aubrey.


Jennifer Yen

Grade seven already! Time does fly! I will never forget the many laughs and enjoyable moments that happened here at Aubrey. My favourite memories were going to the aquarium and the pancake breakfast. It is going to be really hard to say goodbye, but I will forever remain an Aubrey Bulldog. Now, it is time for all of us to move into the next step of our lives, highschool. Best of luck in high school! 


Varak Zakarian

I have been in Aubrey for five months. It was the best months and best school. I had fun and learned lots of things with the best teachers. We played games and had field trips and I played with friends. I am mad because I’m leaving my favorite school. It was a crazy year and the best year.  We could do what we like and have free time. I really liked Aubrey.  Thanks for having me Aubrey. Good-bye.

Grade 7 Yearbook Biographies

Thank you all for your baby pictures. The next step is to provide your short biography. 
Here are a few guidelines and samples to help you write your biography.

  • Keep it short and simple. Pick what is most important to you. 
  • Keep it positive. Focus on your happiest memories and what you liked most.
  • Be careful if you mention names… even if in a positive way (more later).

Here are some examples to help you:

The first time I came here I was really nervous because I didn’t know anybody here, but once I made some friends I wasn’t nervous at all. My time at Aubrey passed so fast. A favourite memory of mine is when we went to the aquarium and touched live sea creatures, and the Christmas pancake breakfast. I will always remember how much fun I had at Aubrey. Bye, Aubrey.

I started off as a little boy in kindergarten and now I’m Grade 7! How much fun I had in the past 8 years! I made new friends, had fun with them and shared many endeavors with them! My favourite times were when we went to the computer lab, when we had hot lunch, when we had Games Day, and when we played on the playground! I hope people will remember me as the nice and energetic ******. I will soon become a Viking at Burnaby North, but I’ll be a Bulldog Viking! Although I will leave, I shall forever carry a piece of Aubrey in my heart!

Hello friends. Aubrey has been a very fun experience.  I learned a lot and I wish I didn’t have to leave so soon!  Out of my six years at Aubrey, grade seven was by far my favorite.  The portable was a really fun classroom and I laughed a lot every day!  My favorite things this year were office monitoring, all the volunteering opportunities you have in Grade 7 and having the salmon project in our classroom.  I also loved band, it was super fun and I’m really glad I did it.  I hope to see you all next year!

It’s hard to believe that the grade 7 year is coming to an end already. It seemed so fast, like all of my time here a whole 8 years has gone by in a single week.  My favorite parts of my entire time here would probably be the school’s sports teams. Some of the things that I will never forget are the pancake breakfasts, snowball fights and the field trips. I will miss all of the teachers that have taught me over the years and the school in general. Goodbye Aubrey. Go Bulldogs!

I can’t believe grade 7 is over, and it’s going to be hard to say goodbye to all of my friends and classmates. Sadly I won’t see anyone in high school because I am going to a new school, but I will be able to start over and make new friends. I don’t think I’ll ever have as good of a year as I did and I know I will never have as good of a teacher as I did with ***********. I will ALWAYS be an Aubrey Bulldog, so goodbye forever…

Create your biography in google docs in your shared with teacher folder. Name it (Name’s) Yearbook Biography.