Student Led Conferences

Thank you to everyone who attended our Student Led Conferences tonight, you made it a fantastic celebration of learning. I hope that you enjoyed seeing what your child has been learning and appreciated all the hard work that they have been putting in this year. I know that the students of Division 5 were excited to help plan the stations and to show you their work.

A couple of house keeping notes, the home reading program has been sporadic this week and will be for the upcoming week as students spend additional time preparing for the Spring Concert. There have also been several field trip forms sent home recently. Please ensure that you have returned the Library Field Trip, the Forest Grove Field Trip and the Inspiration Garden Field Trip forms.

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Update from Division 5

I hope you all enjoyed your long weekends!

Over the last two weeks, students have enjoyed field trips, art projects (you may have noticed the paper mache), they planted new seeds and took part in an Easter egg hunt.

During the field trip to SFU, students explored their senses and learned about animal adaptations. This was followed up by our first walking field trip the next day. Students were excited to take notice of different things, such as banana slugs and growths on trees.

On Thursday last week, students planted tomato seeds. This is part of the Tomatosphere project, which provides classes with two sets of seeds. One set of seeds has spent 6 weeks on the space station, while the other seeds are from Earth. We have made predictions aboit ehat will happen with these different seeds and look forward to seeing our results. When the experiment is complete we will learn which seeds went into space.

Lastly, we went hunting for eggs after lunch on Thursday. Hopefully we found them all!

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Friday Update – Week of March 27th to 31st

Excitement was in the air as students returned to class this week, wanting to share about their Spring Breaks.

This week we have been settling back in to our weekly routines. During the week, students also began to wonder about the outdoors, thinking about what they might see and be interested in. On Wednesday students had a chance to share their learning at the Celebration of Learning Assembly. This gave the students a chance to reflect on their perseverance and creativity in making cars that could move. This video will also beshoen at the Student Led Conferences on case you missed it. Lastly, the class has also begun planning their next project, creating canoes.

Next week will be a busy week, with our field trip to SFU on Thursday and our first outdoor field trip on Friday. Please ensure that you have returned your permission forms. The SFU consent form is due Monday and the outdoor form is due Tuesday. The home reading program will also return next week, with books being sent home when students have practiced them at school. We will try to send books home on Monday,Wednesday and Friday.

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Welcome Back!

I hope that everyone had a great Spring Break! Over the break I was fortunate enough to attend a three day workshop at Opal School in Portland. The school is an incredible educational setting, using materials and the environment to help students develop a wonder of learning. Opal School also runs out of the Portland Children’s Museum, an incredible museum dedicated to children. Here children have the chance to explore different materials including water works, a clay studio and an incredible outdoor space. If you are ever in Portland, I strongly recommend you visiting the museum with your family.

You may have also noticed the car project that students have been working on over the past few weeks. To help students reflect on their learning, I have put together a short movie to share the process with the class. This video will also be played at the Celebration of Learning Assembly on Wednesday, March 29th. The assembly is scheduled for 9:05 AM, so if you are able to stick around after dropping your child off, please find a seat in the gym and celebrate the learning that has been going on at Lyndhurst.

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Report Cards

Welcome to the new class blog for Division 5! Many of you will likely be here for the first time after reading about this page on your child’s report card overview. Continue to check back on this blog for more information about what our class is up to.

I would also like to acknowledge all of the students hard work this term. They helped to complete the overview for the second term, brainstorming and recalling what we have done. They also shared what they have learned and enjoyed this term.

Have a great spring break!

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Learning About Community

During the second term, students learned about the community. They discussed who different members of our community are, their roles and who is able to help you. We also discussed different places in our community and why they are needed.

Students then had the opportunity to create their own community. The city began with each student making a person. Their person then needed a home (and I was told I needed a school). With everyone having a home, they added their own personal interests to their yard and chose a place in the community. To get to and from school, roads and sidewalks were added. This didn’t satisfy all of the needs of the students, and soon a hospital, park, mall and airport began to spring up. The picture below shows our city in its current state.

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Building Cars

Over the past several weeks, students have explored magnets and how they are able to move them. This led to students measuring how far they were able to make them move and some students even developed a race track to move their magnets through. In addition to this exploration, many students have taken an interest in playing with the cars in the classroom. As a result of these interests, students have been challenged to see if they make a car? and how far would that car be able to move?

The project began with students thinking about what they know about cars, looking at toy cars and then carefully studying real cars. This gave a lot of different ideas for students to think about, which aided them as they drew a design for how they wanted to make their car. Then students had the chance to start designing their car. They added popsicle sticks, flags, wings and many other creative parts to their cars. Once all of the glue had dried, it was time to paint the cars. The next step is finding a way to add wheels and make the cars move!


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Pink Day!

During the past month, we have been exploring emotions, recognizing emotions of our partners, describing and drawing these emotions and identifying what makes us feel these ways. This was in lead up to Pink Shirt Day.

One of the activities that we took part in was reading What’s a Penguin to Think When He Turns Pink! Throughout this book we paused to share with partners and the class about how Patrick the Penguin may have been feeling. When the book was done, we made our own Patricks.

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Valentine’s Day!

A very exciting day for everyone in Division 5, full of activities and sweets! On Valentine’s Day, students got to attend the Valentine’s Day Carnival, put on by the leadership students of Division 1. Then they came back to our class and made sugar cookies. While the cookies baked in the oven, students were introduced to Monday Hearts for Madalene. This book and website are produced by Page Hodal, who makes a heart for Madalene every Monday. After looking at many of the hearts that Page has created using natural materials and we discussed how these hearts made us feel. The students then learned that Page began taking these pictures and sending them to friends and family with a hope that these hearts would, “Put LOVE out into the world.” Inspired by this message, Division 5 went outside and began creating hearts all around the school. These hearts were then left in hopes that other students and people in the community would see them and they too would, “Put love out into the world.” In the afternoon after thinking about cookies all day, students finally had a chance to sample their sugar cookies. This of course was after icing them and adding mountains of sprinkles! We also had lots of other treats to enjoy while we opened our Valentine’s Day envelopes.

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Cooking with Division 5

This week we made some homemade granola bars. This involved students cutting up apple slices, measuring out granola and then mixing in some chocolate chips and honey. They didn’t hold together quite like a normal granola bar and they were pretty stick. But, they still tasted good!

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