Our duckling program is off to a great start.  We currently have 3 ducklings in the incubator and they are set to hatch very soon… Looking forward to February 9th!

Critical Thinking

In January, with the new redesigned curriculum, students are working on the critical thinking core competency.  Instead of having students memorize facts, we are now having students practise thinking, questioning, and forming ideas and solutions.

Our school will be having an open house on Monday February 6th, 2017.  Our classes will be open from 2 pm – 5 pm to showcase our critical thinking.

Students began by bringing in their own cardboard box.  They had some classes where they had to analyze their box, question on what they were going to build and how they were going to accomplish the task.  Followed by many work periods, students were able to transform their ideas into something incredible.  It is through this process that many students had to question why something wasn’t working out and how to develop a plan to overcome their obstacle. 

We’re excited for you to come see what we’ve been working on!

Adding the finishing touches.
Figuring out how to attach things.
Working together to build something awesome.
Problem solving.
Adding the final touches to my candy machine!

Building a spaceship.  

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Field Trip

What an exciting field trip to the VSO today!  We learned about percussions and how we can create music anywhere we go.  It was awesome to listen to all the different composers and to see all the different kinds of instruments.  My favourite instrument was listening to the Cello; what was yours?  We also got to see one of the most beautiful buildings in Vancouver, The Orpheum!  What a treat.  We also learned how to use the public transportation system today in Vancouver, and saw our outdoor Robson Square ice-rink.  Thank you to the LCSA for providing us with a subsidy to help make this trip possible, and thank you to Anik’s mom, Stania, for helping us on our field trip today!

~Ms. L

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
The grade 6/7’s.

Camp Elphinstone 2016

Another successful camp trip!  The grade 7’s went on a three day journey to Camp Elphinstone.  During these three days, the students learned to challenge themselves by participating in events such as: the high ropes course, archery, rock climbing, and kayaking. It was amazing to watch the students challenge themselves and to see them overcome their fears.  In addition, the students also participated in team-building exercises and they learned how to support and encourage each other.unspecified

Thank you volunteers!

This was our 8th year taking our grade 7 students to Camp Elphinstone.  This program started when I began my research on community building in my classroom.  I wanted to see how I could build an inclusive environment for all learners.  It is a joy to watch the students transform during our camp experience.  Seeing their confidence grow and hearing how they support each another at camp is why we continue to take them.  When we return back to the classroom environment, we see how the students are able to take more risks in their learning and how the students become more confident leaders.

Thank you to our amazing volunteers for making this trip possible.  For more camp photos, please check out our Grade 7 Camp page.  Thank you to Mr. Tse for taking the photos.

September Fresh Hoodies

Fresh Hoodies
Fresh Hoodies

Our grade 7 students received their grad hoodies in time for their leadership trip to Camp Elphinstone. They look so fresh and so clean!



Is it a solid? Oh wait… no, it’s a liquid.. hmm…

This past January, students have been working on the scientific method.  We have been inquiring what state of matter GOOP is.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our labs questioning, hypothesizing, observing, analyzing, and concluding our findings!

December Festivities with our Buddy Class

unnamedDivision 1 had a wonderful December!

We had some activities with our buddy class.  At the pancake breakfast, we helped our younger buddies cut their pancakes into bite size pieces.




We also helped our younger buddies decorate their Christmas trees.  What a treat!

img_0427 img_0437


We also played our School Wide Bingo with our younger buddies.  Helping them to locate their numbers.



We enjoy spending time with our buddies.



Division 1 has been busy learning e-portfolios.  An E-Portfolio is an electronic collection of evidence of learning over time.  Some of our sample evidence are our writing samples, photos, opinions, rubrics, projects, and etc.  We will often reflect on our learning through our e-portfolios, and it is through this reflective process of looking back and within our work to understand how we learn and how it is important to us.

Parents will be receiving a letter shortly via their given email address for access to their child’s e-portfolio.  Students can access only their own e-portfolio through their given login and password accounts.  Come and join in on your child’s learning journey with us!


Ms. L

Remembrance Day

Our grade 6/7’s sang a beautiful song during our Remembrance Day assembly.  Thank you to Eric and Terry, for the wonderful violin and piano piece. Well done everyone!



We also met with our buddy class to complete some poppies in the style of Georgia O’Keefe.

img_0304 img_0305 img_0307 img_0308 img_0309 img_0310 img_0312 img_0313

We enjoy spending time with our buddy class!