Yearend Reflections – All Teams

Yearend Reflections - Your Learning Story Unfolded 2017-2018

  • Your Story is Important!

    Thank you for sharing your learning and your students learning with us. This information allows us to grow as well as support you and others in the future. You are provided with opportunities to upload any documents you feel will help tell your story. Your comments will be woven into a story to add to the existing curricular collection.
  • Select the team(s) you were involved in this year.
  • What were your goals? (eg. I wanted to ...) What did you attempt?
  • What did you do well? How did you deal with the technology?
  • Describe challenges encountered. Next time, what would you do differently to get a different result?
  • Upload a student example that was surprising or caused you to pause and rethink.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, docx, mp4, mov.
  • Describe why you chose this particular student sample. Why was this one so interesting to you?
  • (…anything else that pops to mind? We'd love to hear your thoughts.)