Session 3 – Reflection & Tips

The year is flying by and much learning and exploration has happened. 

  • Questions/issues/ponderings/what ifs/challenges
    • how do you start getting students to write something “academic”.  TRY: Separate out the skill of the tool vs the educational learning and reflective piece. When they are combined it is challenging for students to master. 

Resources for the session: 

  • powerpoint notes of the session (with compressed “characteristics of feedback” by Grant Wiggins) 
  • New Overview drafts (focused on new curriculum): An Overview telling a story that parents can connect the parts to a whole (Sheila Gourlay – Parkcrest)
    • Sheila Gourlay (Parkcrest)  connected the language of her report card with her overview, classblog (where the educational/instructional story unfolds) and the student ePortfolios (the evidence of learning). It all comes together in one circle of empowerment. Please contact Sheila for why and how she came to these connections.  (Note: Parkcrest Primary department has decided to go this route this term.) 
    • Sheila’s Overview for term one 
    • Another Overview draft aimed at Gr 7 (written by Jan using the same template). 

Images (why, what, how): 

  • images that display personal learning (student action, camera snapshots of written work on paper…) can be uploaded to eportfolios. Remember the ePortfolios are private and capture a snapshot into the learning window of a learning moment. The best images can tell a story without words. This takes practice. 
  • images should be uploaded as web quality (640 x 480). Extremely large images/photos should be resized PRIOR to upload. (*please see us for help). 
    • images of hand written work need to be larger (Note: anything smaller will be difficult to view). 
  • lighting is a culprit > try having windows to your back.

Need to upload to multiple portfolios: 

  • log into one of the portfolios
  • use your classblog page to open each portfolio in a NEW TAB
  • upload using the + button 
  • if you close any tabs and wish to get the page back, use SHIFT CONTROL KEYS + T  (this will open your last tab). You can use this multiple times.  (*A great tip for your report cards) 

Using iPads to “booksnap” deeper learning and evidence: 

  • Take image of text; use Pic Collage Kids to layer (scribble) notes/thoughts; use WeeMoji to add personalized emoji; use ChatterPix Kids or Explain Everything to dub in voice as an added layer. Save to camera library for uploading to ePortfolios. 

Core Competencies Self Reflection: