Session 1 – Assessment? Why, How, What

Conversations in the round:
How are you communicating the process of student learning? How are you telling the story? What is your purpose? was used to stick ideas to a virtual online wall.
This acts like a memory jogger or cue for more ideas. What other questions might you have now? Used individually or as a whole class at the carpet, it can be an immediate way to generate and build thoughts.  Click on ours to see the full screen. st_assessment

Teacher account portfolio introduced as the master with access to all students under MY SITES or DASHBOARD. Use POST (+) to record thoughts, reflections, passions. Student ePortfolios logs into the frontend of their private portfolio. Threaded comments can be used between student-teacher-parent (once you’ve allowed email access).

Time to play with posting to see how it looks and feels.

Access to all sites (student and teacher) is linked to the school websites > CLASSES page. This makes an easy jump off point when using any devices (computers, laptops, ipads, or phones).

What procedures/processes will you need to develop for the students to gain confidence in reflective practices?

Group 1: Thurs Nov 3 (3:30-5:30) > Schou  TLC
Group 2 (Gilmore/Rosser Group) > Thurs Oct 27 (3:30-5:30) > Gilmore Lab