Digital Writing – Digital Teaching – Session 1

Digital Writing is…

Session One (February 9, 2011):

“If we engage students in real writing tasks and we use technology in such a way that it complements their innate need to find purposes and audiences for their work, we can have them engaged in a digital writing process that focuses first on the writer, then on the writing, and lastly on the technology.
As we shift our attention from the technology back to the writer, we begin to take the stance of not just integrating computers or using a particular program and begin to think about how to structure our digital writing workshop.”
~ Troy Hicks – The Digital Writing Workshop (2009)

We explored ideas of writing and processes and were introduced to the wiki world through our Learning Series wiki – Digital Sandbox.


  1. Complete “Writing Territories” page – add images (consider multiple ways of representation)
  2. Sign up to for access to Discussion Board.
  3. Read the article: Revising the Writing Process -Chapter 2 (Because Digital Writing Matters – Dànielle Nicole DeVoss, Elyse Eidman-Aadahl, and Troy Hicks (Jossey-Bass, 2010))
  4. Add your voice to Discussion Board – create a topic idea/question you wish answered or state a comment; comment on other participant’s pages.

Session 2 – Thursday February 24th (3:30).

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