Powerful Messages Come Alive with Stop Motion Animation

Everyone has a story. The challenge is choosing how to bring it to life and who to share it with.

Our Learning Series on Stop Motion Animation started today.  Besides the technical “how to’s”, we discussed how to create voice, mood and motion.  For example, what role does background music play in setting the tone, suspenseful moments, how do we use ‘voice’ in powerful ways, how do we give emotion to inanimate objects…
And it’s always about the story – what message do you wish to explore and communicate?

Copyright Free sites or Creative Commons licensed free sites:

Images: Wikimedia CommonsCreative Commons SearchWylio – Free PicturesBurning WellFree Stock Photography

Music: Freeplay MusicJewel BeatJamendo (these are big files)

HOMEWORK: Consider how music and mood work together or how silent messages work to portray a message.  Think about some ideas (based on what was presented and what you find on the web).  Post your thoughts on these two areas by clicking on LEAVE A COMMENT.

2 thoughts on “Powerful Messages Come Alive with Stop Motion Animation

  1. We are thinking about looking at how music helps to create the mood that you want in your silent message. We are thinking about trying to communicate information in the form of a PSA, around the theme of body image/self esteem and media.

  2. Barnyard Bullies (music – lively country – theme – barnyard group dynamics and dealing with bullies)

    Horses at a farm are ‘picking on’/ ‘calling out’ another horse for being slow.

    Hero-Bystanders (incl. cows, sheep, pigs, and a rooster) assist their friend.

    Next day – Farmer Kate comes to get some help from someone strong and reliable. “Steady” the horse is chosen.

    Message – Tips/Tools for dealing with a bully.
    Be a hero-bystander – say it like it is and be who you are – and you’ll be recognized for your unique strengths.

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