It’s Harvest Time!

  • The first potatoes!
Our potatoes are finally harvested!  This has been a wonderful, exciting journey for all the students.  From planting the seed potatoes before Spring Break, and taking care of the growing plants until they were ready to harvest has been a great learning experience.  We were worried about them because of the limited sunshine and a lot of rain.  However, this has been the biggest yield.  Ask your child how many potatoes were harvested, and to tell you about the harvesting experience. They were also very helpful in helping to clean up the soil, recycling the plants and weeding.  Also, a BIG thank you to Mrs. Sachinidis, Michael’s Bubba, Ms. Yamada, Mrs. Chow and Mrs. Hung for helping us.  Michael’s Bubba also made delicious blueberry muffins to celebrate our harvest.  We will be cooking the potatoes next week in butter.  Yum!

Pond Peering

  • Dipping with nets
As an extension of our study on pond life, our class  had a spectacular day at Van Dusen Botanical Garden.  The students were very engaged and excited to see some of the pond plants and animals we had discussed in class.  The two favourite activities were Pond Peering and the Maze.  Ask your child to tell you about these two activities.  We were fortunate to spot a blue heron.  Ask your child to share with you what happened shortly after we saw the blue heron. They were also given a free family pass to use in the summer.  I hope you have the opportunity to visit the Garden as a family.

Pond Life

In preparation for our field trip to the Van Dusen Botanical Garden, our class has been reading and discussing plant and animal life around a pond.  Today we watched some videos on the Ipads about Pond Life through our Gilmore website.  There was a lot of discussion and questions.  Please ask your child to show you the videos we saw today.  

Creative Containers

As part of our study on Matter, our class discussed the importance of choosing the appropriate materials for products.  We connected our learning with how Aboriginal people used appropriate materials found in nature to make useful products (e.g. cedar for canoes, weaving baskets).  The students were given a task in pairs.  With only certain materials available, they had to work together to problem solve and create a container that would hold three plastic eggs.  They each had to take a photo of their container from 2 different angles with an Ipad.  I posted their photos on the blog.  Ask your child to tell you about the construction of the container.

A Fond Farewell

Our chum salmon’s journey is at an end in our classroom.  We released the fry into Eagle Creek last Friday.  Some of us were sad to see them leave, and others were very excited.  We raised and released 54 healthy salmon.  The students learned a lot about the care and the importance of a healthy salmon environment.  I hope this will be a life long interest for them.  Ask your child about a salmon’s healthy environment, and what we saw when we walked to Burnaby Lake’s bird sanctuary. 

  • Eagle Creek

We Are Artists!

The students visited the Burnaby Art Gallery and had the opportunity to view Burnaby student art work and The Salish Weave Collection.  Please ask your child about the beautiful art pieces.  What was their favourite piece(s) and why did they like it.  After viewing the galleries, the students used printed pieces of paper to create their own 2-D imagery and design. Ask your child about the special press used to complete the design.


Guess the sound!

Can you guess the sound?


As part of our Sound and Light unit in Science, the students made rain sticks to represent artificial sound.  We listened to the rain (natural sound) falling outside our classroom, and then replicated the sound with the rain sticks. We thought it was quite amazing!  Please ask your child how we made the rain sticks and your family could make more and create your own artificial rain sound.


Chemistry Fun at SFU

We had an exciting, interesting and great learning experience at SFU!  William, a Chemistry student, introduced us to bases and acids.  He amazed the students with his experiments.  Ask your child about some of them and what was observed.  The highlight was making ice cream with cream, milk, sugar, vanilla and a “magical ingredient”.  Ask your child what is the “magical ingredient”.  We also stopped by to visit the Terry Fox statue.  Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to drive.  We would not be able to go without your support.

Spuds in a Tub

  • Mixing in plant food
Just before Spring Break our class planted potatoes in tubs with the help of parent volunteers.  The students predicted what they would see when they came back from Spring Break.  After Spring Break, they had a big surprise!  The students were very excited.  Ask your child about his/her prediction and what was observed after Spring Break.  Stay tune for further updates on our potatoes.

100th Day!

  • Wearing our 100 Day hats
We celebrated our 100th day of school with many fun activities.  Students brought in their amazing 100th day projects to share. They are now up on our bulletin board.  We sang “100 sandwiches” and each student wrote and drew the one food they would LOVE to have 100 to eat.  Groups of 5 students worked together to create a design with 100 pattern pieces. During gym, the students took 100 giant steps, 100 tiny steps, bounced a ball 100 times …to name a few activities.