Bio11: Evolution

Evol Ch13 & Ch14 Notes


Sc8: Test on Cells and Viruses

Date: Tuesday February 21

Text section 1.2  Cells & Viruses (mostly on cells)

  • label diagrams of plant and animal cells
  • know what the functions of the different cell organelles
  • what are the differences between plant and animal cells?
  • the 3 points of cell theory
  • compare the similarities and differences between prokaryotic (bacteria) and eukaryotic cells
  • examples of helpful and harmful bacteria
  • what are viruses and how are they different from cells?
  • what are examples of viral diseases?

You should have completed the following assignments in the cell unit in the last couple of weeks.

  • Cell organelle worksheet
  • Microscope lab on cells
  • Cell Theory, Bacteria and viruses worksheet
  • 1.2 Review worksheets
  • Virus Life cycle assignment

AP Bio12: DNA Unit Test – Thurs Feb23/Friday Feb 24

Test will be on Ch16 DNA & Replication, Ch17, Protein Synthesis and Ch20 Biotechnology.  Click on the link below to get the pdf file.

AP Bio12 DNA Unit Topics List

Please Note Change:  We will discuss sections in Ch18 in class, but it will NOT be on the test.

Test format:

Bio12 Section: 41 marks on multiple choice and 30 marks on the written (short answer, sentence writing, drawing, fill in the blank)  

AP Bio12 Section:  9 MC questions



AP Bio12: CHNOPS assignment

 Due Thursday February 2/ Friday February 3rd

Science 9: Ch 2 HW Assignments

Due Tuesday January 31:    

  • 2.1 The importance of cell division. pages 36-38 CYU #1-14

Due Thursday February 2

  • 2.2 Cell structures. pages 39-41 CYU #1-17
  • 2.3  DNA and Proteins pages 42-47 #1-16

Science 8: Microscope & Life Unit

Textbook Section 1.1

  • Microscope HW sheet due:  Thursday February 26
  • Microscope Lab #1:  Basic use of the Microscope Worksheet
  • Microscope Lab #2:  Making Observations of Cells using the Microscope
  • Friday February 3rd – Test on section 1.1  Characteristics of Living things and Microscope parts and functions and proper usage.

Science 9:

We wrapped up the last unit in Chemistry on chemical formulas and naming compounds and had a test on that unit Monday January 23rd.  Now we are starting on biology (Reproduction).


Science 8:

In January we wrapped up the Chemistry unit with atomic theory and element symbols and basics of chemical formulas (this was a handout package mostly based in class and not in the textbook).  We had a test on January 16.  

Then we started Biology and using the microscope to examine cells.  Chapter 1 in the textbook.


  1. Basics of Microscope use
  2. Making observations with the Microscope (making slides of live specimens and/or using prepared slides.

Bio11: Bacteria Unit

Here is the link for the  Bacteria Notes online 

Bacteria Unit Test on Wednesday February 1/ Thursday February 2

You should have handed in these Labs:

  1. Sampling for Bacteria (1 per group)
  2. Disinfectant Experiment (1 per group)
  3. Making Yogurt (individual written response)
  4. Gram-Staining & Oil Immersion Microscope Lab (Individual lab worksheet)

Sc9: HW worksheet – Atoms and Ions / Drawing Bohr models

Some of you finished the assignment worksheet in last class but if you didn’t be sure to hand in Friday Dec 9 tomorrow.