Science 8: Chapter 4 Test – May 3, 2017

Waves, Light &the EM spectrum Test

Here are some questions to cover the big ideas in this unit:

  1. What are the two types of waves we learned about? Draw a diagram of a wave and label the crest, trough, wavelength and amplitude.
  2. Explain the relationship between wavelength and the frequency of waves. (Use proper sentences.)
  3. How do you calculate the frequency? What are the units for frequency?
  4. What is the order of colours that compose white light?
  5. Explain the difference between refraction and reflection?
  6. Explain how we see the different colours of objects.
  7. List the parts of the electromagnetic spectrum in order from low frequency to high frequency.
  8. Think of five examples from the electromagnetic spectrum that affects your life. Describe the situations or devices that you use them.


Bio11: Evolution

Evol Ch13 & Ch14 Notes


Sc8: Test on Cells and Viruses

Date: Tuesday February 21

Text section 1.2  Cells & Viruses (mostly on cells)

  • label diagrams of plant and animal cells
  • know what the functions of the different cell organelles
  • what are the differences between plant and animal cells?
  • the 3 points of cell theory
  • compare the similarities and differences between prokaryotic (bacteria) and eukaryotic cells
  • examples of helpful and harmful bacteria
  • what are viruses and how are they different from cells?
  • what are examples of viral diseases?

You should have completed the following assignments in the cell unit in the last couple of weeks.

  • Cell organelle worksheet
  • Microscope lab on cells
  • Cell Theory, Bacteria and viruses worksheet
  • 1.2 Review worksheets
  • Virus Life cycle assignment

AP Bio12: DNA Unit Test – Thurs Feb23/Friday Feb 24

Test will be on Ch16 DNA & Replication, Ch17, Protein Synthesis and Ch20 Biotechnology.  Click on the link below to get the pdf file.

AP Bio12 DNA Unit Topics List

Please Note Change:  We will discuss sections in Ch18 in class, but it will NOT be on the test.

Test format:

Bio12 Section: 41 marks on multiple choice and 30 marks on the written (short answer, sentence writing, drawing, fill in the blank)  

AP Bio12 Section:  9 MC questions



AP Bio12: CHNOPS assignment

 Due Thursday February 2/ Friday February 3rd

Science 9: Ch 2 HW Assignments

Due Tuesday January 31:    

  • 2.1 The importance of cell division. pages 36-38 CYU #1-14

Due Thursday February 2

  • 2.2 Cell structures. pages 39-41 CYU #1-17
  • 2.3  DNA and Proteins pages 42-47 #1-16

Science 8: Microscope & Life Unit

Textbook Section 1.1

  • Microscope HW sheet due:  Thursday February 26
  • Microscope Lab #1:  Basic use of the Microscope Worksheet
  • Microscope Lab #2:  Making Observations of Cells using the Microscope
  • Friday February 3rd – Test on section 1.1  Characteristics of Living things and Microscope parts and functions and proper usage.

Science 9:

We wrapped up the last unit in Chemistry on chemical formulas and naming compounds and had a test on that unit Monday January 23rd.  Now we are starting on biology (Reproduction).


Science 8:

In January we wrapped up the Chemistry unit with atomic theory and element symbols and basics of chemical formulas (this was a handout package mostly based in class and not in the textbook).  We had a test on January 16.  

Then we started Biology and using the microscope to examine cells.  Chapter 1 in the textbook.


  1. Basics of Microscope use
  2. Making observations with the Microscope (making slides of live specimens and/or using prepared slides.

Bio11: Bacteria Unit

Here is the link for the  Bacteria Notes online 

Bacteria Unit Test on Wednesday February 1/ Thursday February 2

You should have handed in these Labs:

  1. Sampling for Bacteria (1 per group)
  2. Disinfectant Experiment (1 per group)
  3. Making Yogurt (individual written response)
  4. Gram-Staining & Oil Immersion Microscope Lab (Individual lab worksheet)