December 12 – December 16

One week left before winter break -time sure does fly.

English: We have finished the novel “I Want to go Home” and the students final project was to pick their favourite character and create a sketch of what they think their character looks like. They then had to list 7 characteristics of their character. I am thinking our next book will be “Wonder” and we will also be focusing on Reading Milestones.

Math: money math, budgeting, skip counting, rounding, reflex math

Life Skills: shopping, cooking, responsibilities in the classroom, and Zones of Regulation

Important Dates to Keep in Mind

Tuesday, December 13: Fly Over Canada from 8:45-2:15

Friday, December 16: Access and Pre-Employment Brunch from 10:00-12:00

We will be doing a lot of Christmas crafts and setting up the classroom for our brunch on Friday. 

 December 17-January 2: Winter Break

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