Dec 14

Mrs. Winter’s Classroom: Mme Gee’s class and Mrs. Borojevic’s class

Mme Gee’s Grade 4/5 class and Mrs. Borojevic’s Grade 3/4 has been working hard this term on preparing “The Horseman” to perform.  They started out by reading the poem and singing the song.  They were able to perform it in a 3-part round which you will hear  in the clip below.  We talked about the mood of the song and how it made them feel using descriptive words and ideas.  The students then learned all 3 parts to the xylophone arrangement.  Once they had learned all the parts, they picked the part that they felt most comfortable with and we put them all together, each part playing at the same time.  The final step in preparing to perform the arrangement was to create an introduction with instruments, speech and singing.  Et voila! 




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