Nov 24

Mrs. Johnson’s Music Class: Mr. Bergeron and Ms. Ford

Over the past few weeks, students in Grade 4 have been exploring rhythms based off of the Halloween song, “The Ghost John.”  Students began by learning how to learn to sing the song and eventually they were split up into 4 groups and sang the song in a 4 part round.  After that, the students were split up into new groups and were given the task to create a list of Halloween words to accompany different rhythms.  Once they had created their list, each group picked their favourite words to share with the class.

Following the rhythm activities, the students were assigned to various percussion instruments including Bass, Alto and Soprano Xylophones, Triangles and Soprano and Alto Glockenspiels to learn a 4 part arrangement to accompany the song “The Ghost of John.”  Each student learned the melodic and rhythmic part for each instrumental part and then were assigned to a specific instrumental part based on their instrument.

Next students will be revisiting the list of rhythm words they created and using those words to create 4 beat ostinati.

Below are recordings of each class playing the 4 part arrangement of “The Ghost of John.”



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