Nov 04

Mrs. Johnson’s Music Classroom

Students in Grades 1 and 2 have been working on keeping a steady beat in music this term.  Students have explored different ways to keep a beat including through movement (marching, dancing, patting different parts of their bodies) as well as playing instruments.  For Halloween, students learned the song, “Pumpkin Stew.”  Classes started by learning the words to the song and patting the beat along with the words.  From there, we explored the difference between beat and rhythm in music and connected it back to this song.   Following that, students learned an ostinato (a repeating rhythm) along with a variety of actions to accompany the song.  Next, the students were each assigned a rhythm instrument to play to represent the different parts of the ostinato.  The first part of the ostinato was played by the woodblocks, followed by the finger cymbals, egg shakers and finally the jingle rattles.  Every student learned the name of each instrument and how to play it properly.  After a few practices, we put the entire ostinato together and practiced it with a recording of the song “Pumpkin Stew.”  Below are recordings  of each class playing their instruments.



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