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Jun 23

Grade 7 Band 2017-2018

Recruitment for Grade 7 Band has begun.  If your child is interested in joining Grade 7 Band next year, they can pick up a Band form outside the Band room door.  Please fill in the entire form and return it to Mrs. Johnson’s letter tray in the West office.  Instrument selection will be posted in …

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Nov 25

Pancake Breakfast

Our Intermediate choir and Grade 7 Band are scheduled to perform at Marlborough’s annual Pancake Breakfast on Tuesday, December 13th.  This will be the Grade 7 Band’s first performance of the year.  Many of the Grade 7 Band students just began learning their instruments at the end of September.  The students have been working very …

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Nov 04

Band testing

Band testing began this week.  Band students are expected to practice and prepare exercise #14 in their Standard of Excellence book.  Students will be evaluated on things such as posture, playing position, embouchure (how they form their mouth around their instrument), notes, rhythm and tonguing.  If any students are having difficulty with their instruments, they …

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Sep 29

Band rehearsals

Regular Rehearsals have begun this week.  Band A rehearses on Tuesdays and Thursdays while Band B rehearses on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Rehearsals are held in the Band room at 8 a.m.

Sep 11

First Week of Band Rehearsals

Grade 7 Band will begin on Wednesday September 22nd.  For the first week of rehearsals, students will be organized by instrument.  They will only be required to attend their instrument session.  Please check the attached schedule below to make sure that your child attends the correct rehearsal.  Regular A and B rehearsals will begin on …

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Sep 11

Grade 7 Band Instrument Night at Byrne Creek Secondary

Our district instrument night for Grade 7 Band students will be held on Tuesday September 20th from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m.  Parents or guardians  must accompany their child in order to rent their instruments.  Instruments will not be rented to students who are not accompanied by a parent or guardian.  In addition to renting the …

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Sep 01

Interested in joining Grade 7 Band?

Welcome to Grade 7 Band! If your child is interested in becoming part of the Grade 7 Band, it is not too late to join!  Simply download the registration letter  and instrument selection form, fill them out and sign them and return them to Mrs. Johnson’s letter tray at the West office.  The forms can …

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