Oct 04

Welcome to the Marlborough Music program blog!

Welcome to Marlborough’s Music Blog!  This blog is where you will find information about the various music ensembles at our school, updates about our music classes and notices about upcoming performances.  We look forward to sharing our program with you!

The Marlborough Music Department

Nov 13

Remembrance Day Assembly

On Thursday November 9th, both the Primary and Intermediate choirs performed at our Remembrance Day assembly. 

Under the direction of Mrs. Winter and accompanied by Mrs. Johnson, the Primary choir began with the song “Follow Me in Peace.”   Following the last post, the Intermediate choir performed “Little Red Poppy” which featured a power point presentation of Canadian soldiers during World Wars 1 and 2.   Immediately following their performance, the Primary and Intermediate choirs performed a beautiful 2 part piece called “I Have a Dream.”  At the close of the assembly while students were exiting the gym, the Intermediate choir gave a moving rendition of the well known hymn, “Amazing Grace.”  

We would like to thank the students in both the Primary and Intermediate choirs for all of their hard work and dedication in preparing for this solemn assembly.



Nov 10

Mrs. Johnson’s Music Class: Mr. Bergeron and Ms. Nielsen’s classes

Over the past few weeks, students in Grades 4 and 5 have been exploring rhythms based off of the Halloween song, “The Ghost John.”  Students began by learning how to learn to sing the song and eventually they were split up into 4 groups and sang the song in a 4 part round.  After that, the students were assigned to various percussion instruments including Bass, Alto and Soprano Xylophones, Soprano and Alto Metallophones and Soprano and Alto Glockenspiels to learn a 4 part arrangement to accompany the song “The Ghost of John.”  Each student learned the melodic and rhythmic part for each instrumental part and then were assigned to a specific instrumental part based on their instrument.

Below are recordings of each class playing the 4 part arrangement of “The Ghost of John.”



Nov 08

Mrs. Johnson’s Music Class: Ms. Thandal, Ms. Johnson and Mme. Green and Mme Marble’s classes

Over the past few weeks, students in Grades 2 and 3 have been exploring rhythms based off of the Halloween song, “Halloween Night.”  Students were assigned various percussion instruments such as bass, soprano and alto xylophones, soprano glockenspiels, woodblocks, triangles, hand drums and a gong and learned a 8 part arrangement to accompany the song “Halloween Night.”  Each student learned the notes and rhythms for each instrumental part and were then assigned their own instrumental part.  The result was 8 different rhythmic and melodic patterns all playing at the same time.

Below are recordings of each class playing the 8 part arrangement of “Halloween Night”


Nov 05

Mrs, Johnson’s Classroom: Ms. Jaswal, Ms. Lirenman and Mme Dare’s classes

Students in Grade 1 have been working on beat and rhythm in music this term.  For Halloween, students learned the song, “Pumpkin Stew.”  Classes started by learning the words to the song and patting the beat along with the words.  From there, we explored the difference between beat and rhythm in music and connected it back to this song.   Following that, students learned an ostinato (a repeating rhythm) along with a variety of actions to accompany the song.  Next, the students were each assigned a rhythm instrument to play to represent the different parts of the ostinato.  The first part of the ostinato was played by the woodblocks, followed by the finger cymbals, egg shakers and finally the jingle rattles.  Every student learned the name of each instrument and how to play it properly.  After a few practices, we put the entire ostinato together and practiced it with a recording of the song “Pumpkin Stew.”  Below are recordings  of each class playing their instruments.


Nov 01

Upcoming Remembrance Day Assembly

Our Remembrance Day assembly will be held on Thursday November 9th at 11 a.m. in the West Gym.  Both the Intermediate and Primary choirs will be performing at this solemn assembly.  If your child is Primary or Intermediate choir, please note that they will need to wear a white top along with either a black skirt or pants with dress shoes or dark shoes.  We would prefer that students dress up for the occasion given the solemn nature of this assembly.  If your child has longer hair, please make sure that it is tied back either in a ponytail, braid or bun so that their face can be clearly seen. 

Nov 01

I Have a Dream for Primary and Intermediate Choir

Attention all Primary and Intermediate Choir students:

The following is a link to a copy of the words to our song “I Have a Dream” along with a recording of the song so you can practice along.  Please note that our ending is a bit different from the recording so practice singing it the way it was taught in choir.  As well, this recording features a harmony part however we are only singing the melody.  The lyrics show you which parts are sung by just the primary choir, intermediate choir and then both choirs together.

I Have a Dream Lyrics


Oct 19

Grade 7 Band Practice Sheets

Our Grade 7 Band rehearsals are underway and an important part of student success in Band is practicing on a regular basis. 

  • Under the Grade 7 Band tab: Practice sheets, you will find important information regarding practicing including tips and strategies for effective practice as well as a link to practice sheets. 

  • In case of a lost practice sheet, you can download and print a new copy of the practice sheet simply by clicking on the link. 

  • Our first practice sheets were due on Tuesday, October 10th and Wednesday,11th and our next practice sheets will be due on Tuesday, October 24th and Wednesday, October 25th.  

Oct 19

Grade 7 Band Playing Tests

  • The Grade 7 Band will be doing their first playing test starting on Tuesday, October 31st.  Their first test will be on Exercise #14.

  • Students will be assigned to a specific test day and the list of days will be posted outside the Band room door starting next week.  It is the responsibility of the student to know his/her test day.

  • If there are any conflicts with the assigned test day, he/she must let Mrs. Johnson as soon as possible. 

  • If your child is sick on his/her test day, please contact Mrs. Johnson via email so another test date can be arranged. 

  • Tests will begin promptly at 8am.  Students must be in the hallway outside the band room door with their instruments set up and ready to play prior to 8am. 

  • Missed tests for reasons other than conflict or illness may not be made up.  

Sep 22

Welcome Ms. Kwok!

We would like to officially welcome Ms. Esther Kwok to the Marlborough music team this year. She teaches music part time at Douglas Road Elementary and will be teaching music on Fridays in the Band room.

Jun 23

Grade 7 Band 2017-2018

Recruitment for Grade 7 Band has begun.  If your child is interested in joining Grade 7 Band next year, they can pick up a Band form outside the Band room door.  Please fill in the entire form and return it to Mrs. Johnson’s letter tray in the West office.  Instrument selection will be posted in September.  Stay tuned for more information in September.  We are looking forward to another exciting year in Grade 7 Band.

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