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  • Learning Together

  • Financial Literacy- objects have value

  • Leaves falling in the wind


  • Showing "Everyone Matters"

We read Shi-shi-etko and Shin-Chi's Canoe by Nicola Campbell and also watched the movie directed by Kate Kroll with actress Ta'kaya Blaney. We then shared with each other things we do with our families. We discovered that we learn many life lessons from our families and each of us have our own special family traditions. But most importantly we learned how important families are. Families give us love, hugs, cuddles, kisses, joy, happiness, comfort, and safety.

Click here to listen to "Shallow Waters" and click here to watch the movie "Shi-shi-etko"


  • Exploring Air

Miss Johnson made us all pinwheels. We took them outside and redesigned them so we could harness the wind better. We noticed that the designs that harnessed the wind the best were the ones with the pinwheels on the top.

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