VanDusen Garden Field-trip

We had an amazing field-trip to VanDusen Garden!  The weather was perfect and the bus ride was smooth.  In small groups, the Grade Ones had an opportunity to do a nature treasure hunt and enjoy some play time in a maze. This was followed by lunch at the picnic tables. Thereafter, students participated in a guided program, called ‘Pond Peering’, where they used nets to explore ‘pond life’ and learn about the ‘mosquito life cycle’. We saw water lilies, water bugs, a heron, a turtle, carps, ducklings, a humming bird, butterflies and the list goes on!  Thank you to all the parents volunteers!  Enjoy the photos!

Plant a Seed Project

Here are some photos of our field-trip to Burnaby Village Museum and Common Ground Farm on May 24th, 2017.  Students enjoyed hands-on farming activities,  like planting beans in a vegetable patch and identifying a variety of herbs. They also went on a local farm tour and learned about the life of a farmer. Students loved the Scavenger Hunt!

We would like to thank Michelle, Diana and Sanya for organizing and delivering a great program at Heritage Village Museum in Burnaby.  Thank you to Leila Trickey and Dave Carlison from Common Ground Farms and their very helpful staff and family, for showing us very important aspects of family farming, such as bees for pollination, animal care and tools.  Thank you to Mischa Greenwood for organizing and coordinating this fabulous Field Trip for our grade one class and Ms. Soychuke’s Kindergarten students.  This field trip would not have happened without the financial support from Burnaby Food First Program.  It takes a community to raise a child. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!

Bye Bye Salmon!

On Friday May 6th, all the Grades Ones went on a field-trip to release 54 healthy salmon fry in Eagle Creek, Burnaby Lake. They had nurtured the salmon since the eyed-egg stage and were sad to see them go. Despite the pouring rain, each student took a turn to release and say ‘goodbye’ to a salmon fry, wishing it well on its journey.  We talked about clean water and a healthy habitat for the salmon.  Important message from the students:  “Don’t pollute please!”  

‘Thank you’ to the parent drivers for making this field-trip possible.  My gratitude also goes to Mr. Wu for taking tons of pictures, some of which are displayed here.  The rest will be accessible on the Box soon.  Ask your child to share the salmon life cycle with you!

Burnaby Art Gallery

  • Students in the lower gallery, admiring 3D artwork done by other students.

We had a wonderful visit to the Burnaby Art Gallery after the Easter weekend!  The lower gallery displayed beautiful artwork by Burnaby elementary students…amazing!  The upper gallery featured the Salish Weave collection depicting different cultural stories.  The Grade Ones had to select a design to draw from this selection and create their own art project in the studio.  The young artists engaged in their choice of colours, shapes and print making with the ‘etching press’.  Their lovely masterpieces were shared with the parents at the Student-Led Conferences.  So creative!

Earth Day

Please click here to view Earth Day videos on the Gilmore Library website.

S.F.U. Field-trip

  • William the Scientist displaying his experiments on 'properties of matter'.

On March 31st, all the Grade Ones ventured out to S.F.U. for a Science workshop on ‘The Properties of Matter’. It turned out to be a beautiful day, so we had lunch outdoors before heading to the Chemistry lab. William, a 4th year science student, along with his team of scientists, conducted the experiments on solids, liquids and gases and their chemical reactions. The students observed in awe as the scientist worked with Windex (ammonia), dried ice, liquid nitrogen, helium, oxygen and carbon dioxide gases. Mixing some of these chemicals resulted in bubbles and explosions…all safe, of course!

The surprise at the end of the workshop? Your child probably shared this. Home-made ice-cream, made on sight and shared with all. Delicious! It was a great trip of scientific inquiry! Enjoy the pictures!

Community Outdoor Mural Project

  • A mandala is a complex abstract design that is usually circular in form.

Sponsored by the City of Burnaby, Community Arts will be creating an outdoor mural project with all the Gilmore students.  Anna and Mona have visited with us twice.  In the first session, the students drafted their own ‘mandala’ design, connecting to what was important to them.  In the second session, foam circles became the base for imprinting the ‘mandala’ design with a pen.  Paint, silk-screening and stamping followed.  Beautiful artwork emerged and the students were thrilled!  The final mural project will be completed in May.  Enjoy the photos!

Love Your Heart!

February has been all about Valentine’s Day, Hearts and Jump Rope for Heart!  We have discussed friendships, kindness and the importance of a healthy heart.  Of course, we have been chanting our ‘100 Day’ song too and counting to 100 all week long!  I was so impressed with all the creative ways students chose to represent ‘100’ with their collections.  Thanks for sharing!  Enjoy the action photos!

Salmon Study

The Grade Ones are studying salmon.  50 salmon eggs are being housed in a special classroom incubator in Mrs. Laserson’s room.  We monitor the eggs everyday, making sure that they are provided with cold water and lots of oxygen.  We will be learning about the life cycle of the Pacific Salmon.  After a month, the eyed eggs have hatched into alevins.  So exciting!  The journey has begun!

Hit the play button for an amazing video!

Final Skating Field-trip

Our third skating session was indeed a success!  All the students did their personal best to practise their skating skills.  Way to go Grade Ones!  Thank you to all the parent drivers for making this field-trip possible.  Enjoy the pictures!