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sonWhat did you think of Son by Lois Lowry?


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  1. I read “The Giver” when I was in Grade 6 or 7 (yes, it is that old) and it captivated me. I was so amazed by this alternate world that I couldn’t wait to discover what happened to Jonas next, but I had to wait a bit until “Gathering Blue” came out. I never read the third book “Messenger” and this one “Son” was only published in 2012.

    So… over my winter break I went back to the beginning to re-read the series from the beginning. “The Giver” was still amazing, but I must say that (unfortunately) the books got less interesting as I went along. Maybe it’s because the world Lowry has created is more familiar after reading the first three, but “Son” just didn’t grab me the same way as “The Giver.”

    Son is well-written, and has a strong message about the importance of determination and love. It just wouldn’t get my vote for the YRCA best book.

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