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Jennifer Lott Author Visit


On Thursday we had a fabulous visit from local author Jennifer Lott as part of our ongoing celebration of Literacy Week!  The primary classes had a chance to hear Jennifer talk about her writing and read from “Hexed Hair”, the latest book in her Family Magic Series.

Jennifer explained where she got the idea for her stories, mostly from her own relationship with her sisters.  Many students could relate to the feeling of wanting to put a spell on a sibling!  She also explained some of the challenges of communicating with an illustrator who lives in a different country (Italy) and speaks another language (Italian).  She showed us a long wig and we imagined what sorts of things might get tangled in your hair if it wouldn’t stop growing.

My favourite part was when Jennifer read from her book, she really made the characters come alive.  Glenda, Charlotte and Eilleen were funny and talked to each other like real sisters.  The students were laughing along, especially when Eileen and Charlotte woke up to realize they had no hair left on their heads!

After the reading many students bought one (or both) of the books and had the chance to ask Jennifer to sign it for them.  Jennifer left some copies of “Cursed Dishes” and “Hexed Hair” so if anyone missed the chance to buy one they can come see me on Monday.  I also have two copies of each book to be borrowed from the library.  I have a feeling they will be pretty popular!

Check out the photos from the visit.  Some of the students in Division 7 were so inspired that they used the 15 Minutes of Fun plasticine bin to create characters from the book.

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