FSA Time

Hi Parents,

Grade 4s will begin to write the FSA this week. If you have any concerns about your child writing the FSA or you would like more information about it please email or drop by the classroom. This is my tentative schedule for completing the FSA:

Part I: Reading Comprehension (Completed online)– February 10th (pm)
Part II: Reading Comprehension (Written Response)– January 27th (pm)

Part III: Short Writing– February 2nd (am)
Part IV: Long Writing– to be determined

Part V: Numeracy (Completed online)–February 9th (am)
Part VI: Numeracy (Written)–January 26th (am)

Novel Study

We will beginning a literature circle unit next week. Students have been assigned into a group based on their choice of novel (with some input from me based on their current reading ability). Each week they will be expected to have read the assigned section for the week (which will be written in their planner) and complete the worksheet. On the worksheet I am looking for students to be thoughtful about their book. They will need to create “skinny” questions (questions which have an answer), “juicy” questions (questions that require thought and do not necessarily have a right or wrong answer) and a paragraph that describes a connection to the story. I am looking for thoughtful connections (I will not accept connections like “The main character plays hockey and so do I.”). I will assess them in all three areas of the Language Arts curriculum (reading, writing and oral language). You can help your child to be successful during this unit by encouraging them to stay on track with their reading and weekly assignments (not completing the worksheet each week will drastically affect their mark) and by discussing their book with them.

Social Studies Assignment

Hi Parents,

We recently started a unit on explorers in Social Studies. Today I assigned a small project in which students will be writing a letter to Christopher Columbus in order to apply for a job on one of his ships. The students have a list of the positions available and the instructions for the assignment. I have asked them to make the letter look “authentic” if possible (as in from 1492). The letter is due on Monday.

December Reminders

Hi Parents,

Sorry for the long wait without posting information–November was an exceptionally busy month. I wanted to remind you about some upcoming events..

Thursday December 10th: “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”
– The kids having been working hard on making props and preparing for the play. We would like to invite you all to come watch on Thursday at 2pm or 2:30 in the gym. The students are asking for donations for BC Children’s Hospital as part of their goal-setting for Health and Career Education. I will be in Edmonton for my brother’s wedding so Mrs. Gaster will be here–if anyone is able to film the play I would love to see it when I get back.
– Report cards will be going home on Thursday.

Tuesday December 15th: Winter Concert
– There is an afternoon concert at 1:30 and evening performance at 6:30. I will let you know as soon as I hear what the students are supposed to wear. An order form for tickets went home last week.

Thursday December 17th:
– We will be making gingerbread houses with our little buddies between recess and lunch. You are welcome to join us!
– Crafternoon will be in the afternoon–for my craft this year the students will be sewing penguin stuffed animals so, I would love some parent helpers…

Friday December 18th:
– Pajama Day
– Pancake breakfast is in the morning.

Social Studies Marking Rubric

Hi Parents,

As mentioned last week, the students and I created a rubric which I will be using to assess their province/territory project that is due on Thursday. We decided that the project will be marked out of 100. A portion of the rubric is posted below and is on a bright pink paper in the Social Studies section of their binders. Please see this sheet for a more detailed description of how I will be marking this assignment. For your information, since we began this project on October 21st, we have spent over five hours of class time between the computer lab and our classroom working on this project so the students have had ample opportunity to complete this project in class.

As a class we decided that this project will be marked on the following things:
1. Information/Research—is it accurate and thorough?
2. Completeness—is every category done?
3. Writing—is the information paraphrased in your own words?
4. Neatness and Organization—does the finished project look good?

Social Studies Project

Hi Students and Parents!

Yesterday I introduced a research project we will be working on in Social Studies. The project focusses on Canadian provinces and territories. The project is individual and each student will need to produce their own finished product. On Tuesday they selected which province or territory they would like to research and yesterday I gave out a template and directions. We will use three classes to research in the library and computer lab and one class to work on putting it together however, they may need some time at home to finish up. As a class, we will create a rubric which I will use to assess their learning. The entire project (it makes a 3D cube when it is complete) will be due on November 5th.

Ms. Henderson

Pink Words


Signed Tests and Other Notes

Hi Parents,

Thank you to those of you who have already returned your child’s signed Social Studies test. I do not expect the Spelling test to get signed each week but feel free to ask your child to see it–I will make every effort to get it marked on the Thursday so that they can bring it home that day. Also, I wanted to point out that I will be sending the words (sort) for the next week home on Thursday so that students have the weekend to figure out the sorting rules and begin learning to spell the words. Finally, I wanted to remind everyone that Monday is a holiday so there is no school. Enjoy your long weekend!

Ms. Henderson

Upcoming Tests

Hi Parents,

You have probably noticed we have a few tests over the next few weeks. Below is a bit more information so you can help your child prepare.

Social Studies: This is a Geography test on the continents and oceans. The students will be given a world map with the continents (7) and oceans (5)numbered and they will need to label them correctly. They will also need to label a compass rose.

Word Work: This is a spelling test and the students will need to correctly spell and put their words in the right category. They were given a “home copy” of their words on Monday to study throughout the week. Ideally, they should spend about ten minutes each night rather than focussing all of their studying on Wednesday evening.

Math Test: The unit 2 test for each grade will be on Thursday October 15th.

Yellow Words–Oct. 5th to 8th