Answer Key for Chemistry Review

Here is the answer Key for the Chemistry Review

Test is Monday

I will be collecting the Visual Dictionary and How to booklet

Answer Key for Chemistry Review

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Science 9 Dec 4-8

Thursday we will look at Covalent Molecules

Covalent Naming and Formula Writing

Covalent compounds Notes

Friday will be a REVIEW Class for the Chemistry Unit

Chemistry Unit Review

Monday will be the Chemistry Unit test

             I will collect : Visual Dictionary and How to Booklet.

‘We have continued with naming and formula writing

Today we will look at Polyatomic ions

Continue to work on your Visual dictionaries and How to Booklets

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Science 10 Dec 4-8

We have continued with 2.2 and covered the Carbon Cycle, Nitrogen Cycle and Phosphorus Cycle.  Remember you will have your data booklet which contains each cycle.  You just need to be able to read and understand them.

Please complete pg 24-29 in workbook

pg 24-29 

2.2 Nutrient cycles Slides

2.2 Notes 

We completed the following in class on Thursday

Carbon Cycle Mind map

We will be starting Chapter 2

2.1 Energy flow powerpoint

2.1 notes

Complete textbook questions and Energy transfer worksheet

Modelling a Local Ecosystem

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Science 10 November 27- Dec 1

Biomes Presentations on Tuesday and Wednesday

1.2 ecosystems powerpoint

1.2 Notes

Levels of Hierarchy (1.2)

We have finished up 1.2 notes and will have a Quiz on Wednesday


Test for Chapter 1 will be either Thursday or Friday depending on Review time.

Science 10

Science 9 Nov 27- Dec 1

This Week we have been looking at Atoms vs Ions
We got into the lab to look at what happens when copper(II)chloride reacts with aluminum metal.

We started to look at Ionic and Covalent bonds

How do Elements Combine to Form CompoundsPPT

How do Elements Combine to Form CompoundsStudentnotes

On Wednesday I introduced the “How to Booklet” which we will work on daily up until our Chemistry Unit test

How to guide

How Do We Name and Write Formulas Ppt

How Do We Name and Write Formulas for Compounds Notes

Thursday we looked at how to Name and write formulas for Binary Ionic Compounds

Tentative Test day for our Chemistry Unit 

                  THURSDAY DEC 7th or FRIDAY DEC 8th


Science 9

Science 10 November 20-23

BIOME PHOTOSHOP and info sheet must be handed in to the class folder by the BEGINNING of class on MONDAY Nov 27th

Late submissions will not be accepted.  One group from each Biome will present.

Wednesday and Thursday you will be working on your BIOME Photoshop.

Biomes ProjectHEM2017

Remember that part 1 is completed in partners and part 2 is INDIVIDUALLY.

All finished projects must be in the hand in folder by MONDAY NOVEMBER 27th

We continued on our 1.1 Notes

1.1 Biomes (2017)

Make sure your Climatographs are completed by Friday

Friday was your last day with Ms U!

Monday we will be starting ECOLOGY 🙂

Chapter 1 Visual dictionary words


Chapter 1 notes

1.1 Biome notes


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Science 9 November 20-23

We had our Quiz today! Please Review any questions that you struggled with.

We finished off Periodic Trends and pg 77-78 is for homework

Tuesday we will prepare our periodic tables for “Battleship”

Periodic Battleship

Reminder on Wednesday we will have a TEST on Designing your own periodic table.

Science 9

Science 9 This week (Nov14-18)


Thursday we continued on Bohr Diagrams and Periodic Trends.  

Lab on Reactivity tomorrow, remember to design your data table for homework

Periodic Trends

Periodic Trends Continued Student Notes

Reactivity Trends in the Periodic Table Lab


We have started to look at Atomic Theory and Periodic Trends


Atomic Theory and Periodic Trends 


Atomic Theory and Periodic Trends student notes

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Science 9 This Week (Nov 6-9)

We have started our Chemistry Unit!!

New Visual Dictionary Words:

Unit 2 Visual Dictionary Words

We have reviewed Matter, Physical Changes and Chemical Changes

Matter and Its properties 

The Classification of Matter Notes

We have started to look at the Periodic Table as Mendeleev knew it

Elements as Building blocks of matter

Elements are the Building Blocks of Matter Notes

Wednesday we will continue putting together our periodic tables

Mendeleev Activity

Science 9

Unit 1 Test – Reproduction


Our Reproduction Unit is now complete, Have a great weekend!

We will be starting Chemistry on MONDAY

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Our Unit test for Reproduction will be Friday November 3rd

Review package coming……..

Unit 1 Review

Answer Key to Unit 1 Review

Unit 1 Review Answers

Fridays test will be all long answer questions.  I will be giving you 6 questions and I will choose 4 out of the 6 questions to be completed.  Answers must be in full sentences and include correct vocabulary.  

Science 9 Reproduction Unit Test

The Visual Dictionary for Unit 1 will also be collected.


Science 9