Science 9 This week ( October 16-20)

Today (Thursday October 19th)

  We will be working on our Fertilization Stories

Notes and Project Instructions

Human Reproduction Notes and Fert Project

Video we watched about fertilization: 

They will be due FRIDAY OCTOBER 27th!

We have started our Human Reproduction project

Human Reproduction



Tests marks are completed online

We will start the second half of unit one tomorrow


Sexual+Reproduction Student Notes

Science 9, Uncategorized

Answer Key for Unit 1.1/1.2 Review

Happy Friday!!

Science 9 – Test on Monday

Review answers: Unit 1 Review Answer

Happy Studying 🙂 

Science 9

Science 9 This Week

October 2-6th

We have been working on Asexual Reproduction, Specifically Binary Fission, Cell Cycle and Budding.

Our Test for 1.1/1.2 is going to be on Monday October 16th.

Remember you can access the online textbook via Connect School

You username is your email address and you created your password in class

Types of Asexual Reproduction

Types of Asexual ReproductionPt1

Types of Asexual Reproduction Part 2 ppt

Types of Asexual Reproduction Part 2

Mitosis Flipbook

Observing the Cell Cycle

phases of mitosis lab

Yeast Investigation

Cancer Web Assignment2017

Power of Doubling Bacteria

We have been working on Cell Reproduction

We will have a lab on thursday!

Cell Reproduction Notes

Cell Reproduction



Science 9

Science 10

We have been working on pg 77-79 in your workbook package

Quiz will be on WEDNESDAY, Test for Ch4 on FRIDAY


Science 10

Science 9

Lab Reports Due on Monday!

Have Reflection from our Nature walk ready to discuss on MONDAY

Have a lovely LONG weekend!

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Science 9

Science 10

Today we covered the beginning of 4.1

pg. 60 in your workbook is for homework.

4.1 Wbk

4.1 powerpoint2016

We continued on to 4.2

4.2 2016

We are now on 4.3

4.3 2016

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Science 10- Quiz and Test Dates

4.1 & 4.2 Quiz on Tuesday September 19th

Safety Make up Quiz on Thursday September 21 at 3pm in room B302, please study tools that we have looked at in the Lab

4.3 Quiz will be Wednesday September 27th

Chapter 4 Test on Friday September 29th

  • I will be collecting the visual dictionary 
Science 10

Science 9

We survived the first week !!!!

Homework for Monday :

  • Safety Poster Due Lab Safety Project 
  • Make sure both field trip form and course contract signed by parent is returned 

Have a great weekend!

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Science 9

Directions to Playland

Tuesday May 9th

Arrive NO later than 9:15 am, Plan to arrive at 9:00 am

If you arrive after we have entered Playland you will need to locate the security booth.


Complimentary parking will now be in the lot to the west of the Amphitheatre next to the barns, not in Lot 9.  We highly recommend you access the park from Gate 6 heading northbound on Renfrew as access from Gate 9 on the east side may be limited.

Please familiarise yourself with how to get to Playland.  We will be meeting at the Playland amphitheatre which is around the back of Playland next to the corkscrew ride.

Please sit in the middle bleachers

You will need a pen, your physics booklet handed out in class, water and a lunch

You can purchase a lunch at Triple O’s but expect long lines and pricey food.

You will not be able to leave once inside playland until we dismiss you around 2-2:15 pm

In order to be dismissed you must hand in your completed booklet (5 rides) and check out with your teacher (Ms Hemingway) not any other teacher.

If possible, please coordinate with a travel buddy so no one is travelling by themselves.

Science 10

Grade 10 Science

Playland Field Trip

May 9th

Cost 19$

Must have form and payment in by Friday May 5th

We will be meeting at Playland at 9:15 am

You will be dismissed at 2:30 pm

Science 10