Capitol Hill Planner cover contest

Do you want to have your art on the cover of next year’s planner? If so, get out your art supplies and get drawing! See below for the criteria.

Contest entries (on 8.5×11 paper) must include: School name: Ecole Capitol Hill Elementary
School year: 2016-2017
Our motto: Be respectful, be responsible, be safe
Artist name

Due in to your teacher by Thursday, May 12th.


To colour, or not to colour… That is the question.

April 23rd marked the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death. To celebrate his life, SFU History and English departments are holding a colouring contest. Winners will receive some SFU History or English “fabulous new swag” and a $25 gift card to the SFU bookstore!

Pictures are due Friday, May 27th at the latest. Take a picture, or scan your completed picture, and send it to, or tweet your picture to @SFUhistory with the hashtag #Shakespeare400.

It is an all ages contest.

If you want to participate, click this link to download and print the picture (it is in PDF form). Remember, you do not need to hand in the completed picture. Instead, send an image of it to the email address above.

Bonne chance!

Le Rock des dinosaures par Matt Maxwell

Rock des dinosaures

Louis la grenouille par Matt Maxwell

Veux-tu danser par Matt Maxwell

Rock and Roll Frère Jacques par Matt Maxwell

Le Rock des Dinosaures par Matt Maxwell

Café Crocodile par Matt Maxwell


Ne panique pas… mais il rest seulement 3 jours avant notre concours de classe!!!! Fait certain de travailler la mémorisation tous les jours.

Nous avons hâte d’endendre tous les discours! Bonne chance!

2016 – Une année bissextile

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