Reflection Journal Entries

This week, we looked at a picture of a soldier walking down a muddy road.  We asked questions and wondered who he was and what he might be thinking.  Afterwards, students wrote a reflection about what they learned through this activity.  Here are some excerpts which have been edited for clarity.

I learned that it is painful to leave your family for war while you’re thinking, “What if I die?” What would my family do? How would they feel? What would they think?

I learned that war is very painful but every man or woman must take courage and fight for their country because if everyone refused to fight, then we would not have Canada today.

It is important to remember veterans because they gave their life for our safety, they gave their life for people they don’t even know.

Soldiers defend their country, this could possibly cost them their lives. Today, most soldiers have the right to stay home, watch TV but instead they choose to risk their lives fighting/training for their country. I think veterans are very important to recognize.

I learned that I can get inspired by a picture.

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