Social Contract

I’ve also been meaning to post our  Social Contract up on the blog.  The students started with breaking into groups and choosing words that describe how they want to feel when they are in the classroom.  Then, we combined all of the words from all of the groups and chose the most important ones as a class.  Next, we extended the words into statements.  Finally, each student created a piece of art that exemplified their statement.  Please show these pictures to your child and have a conversation with them about why these statements are all important in the classroom and in life!

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Hip Hop

Here are the pictures from the Hip Hop performance.  Enjoy!




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Young Actors

Division 12 had a blast with Val, our Young Actors coach.  The first session was about using your face and body to show character and feeling, the second session used masks to teach how to show character and feeling with your body, and the third session was about improv.  Take a look through the photos with your child and talk about all of the fun games and activities we did. Enjoy!

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End of the Year Festivities

Hello families! It was a wonderful end of the year for Division 12.  I feel so grateful for all of the generous gifts.  Thank you! There were even a couple for Odin which he has been enjoying.  

The last day of school was a blast. Here are some pictures of Breakfast with Santa:

The students worked hard on mosaic winter pictures which have been just put up. Please feel free to pop in and check your child’s art out!

This class loves building with the Keva planks.  Here are a couple of pictures of their creations:

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Cardboard Challenge Celebration

Division 12 had a blast celebrating their cardboard challenges.  We had 4 classes visit us in the morning, we visited a bunch of classes in between recess and lunch, and family members were welcome to join in the afternoon. The entire school worked really hard on their creations and it was lovely to see what the other classes had created. Another Brentwood Park success! Here are the photos I managed to snap during the exciting day. Enjoy!

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Halloween was a blast today. Here are some pictures from the school celebration. We paraded, sang songs, and then we danced.  Enjoy!


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Cardboard Challenge

The cardboard challenge has begun! Our entire school was inspired by the YouTube video, Caine’s Arcade (the video is on my Symbaloo) and decided to participate in a whole school cardboard challenge.  As you know, your child brought in a box to create into something new.  We are using the capacity, critical thinking, to help guide the process. First students needed to analyze their boxes and notice all the details of their box. How big is the box? Does it have flaps? Is there writing on it? Next, they needed to come up with a plan for what they wanted to create. What extra materials would they need? What potential problems might they run into?

 Last week, students started creating their plans. They have been extremely engaged and focused. I cannot wait to see what they come up with! 

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Math with Ms. Helfrich’s Class

We meet with Ms. Helfrich’s class daily for math. We have been exploring patterns. We looked at repeating patterns and growing patterns. We discussed attributes, pattern cores, and pattern rules. Every time the students make a pattern we ask them why they chose those materials, how do they know what comes next, and what do their patterns remind them of?

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Growth Mindset

Division 12 have been learning extensively about Carole Dweck’s Growth Mindset.  My biggest goal this year is for students to not be afraid of mistakes, and understanding that the effort you put into something can effect how much you learn.  I’ve posted some of the videos I’ve shared with the class.  The rest of the Class Dojo videos are on my Symbaloo (link on the right).  Please enjoy Carole Dweck’s TED talk on the bottom as well.  Her book, Mindset, is also fantastic and has great lessons for any parent!

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very-beautiful-back-to-school-clipart-pictures-and-imagesWelcome to our classroom community! We  spent the last week  getting to know each other and learning classroom routines and expectations. Your children have done a fabulous job so far of playing cooperatively, working diligently, helping each other, and being engaged in learning. We have already created anchor charts to be independent in the classroom and are building up our stamina and muscle memory during “Read to Self.”

Here is some information about our class:

FORMS and MONEY: At the beginning of every year, there are many forms that need to be returned promptly. While I know it takes time to work through them, it is important that they are returned in a timely manner.  Please note that the school no longer accepts cash.

PLANNER: Your child received their planner this week to be used as a form of communication between home and school. Please encourage your child to take the responsibility to ask you to look at their planner each night, sign it (initial is fine), and pack it in their own backpacks in preparation for school the next day. Every morning, their planners are checked so please ensure it is returned to school every day.  Thank you.

HEALTH and WELL-BEING: As part of the PE curriculum, students are expected to have daily physical activity. Please ensure your child is dressed in comfortable clothing and has a pair of running shoes at school.  Please try and send an energy blast snack (fruit, vegetables, cheese, whole grain crackers et cetera) for your child’s morning snack to provide them with the energy needed to sustain them until lunch.  

HOMEWORK: Please have your child read EVERY NIGHT for about 15 minutes and enjoy talking about the stories or facts you read together. The Home Literacy Club will begin in October. Look for the forms to come home soon.

SAVE THE DATE: Mark your calendars! Parent Intake Conferences will be held on Thursday September 22nd from 2:10 to 7 pm. There will be an early dismissal at 2:00 on that day and the following day, September 23rd. Please let me know if there is important information you feel I should know about your child now (that can’t wait until the intake conferences) or if you have any questions or concerns. Unfortunately, there tends to be an overflow of parents wanting the 2:10-3:00 timeslot.  I will try my best to meet your required times but may not be able to accommodate your first choice.  Thank you for your understanding.

I have updated the library link under “Class Information.”  Please click on it to see your child’s library day for the year.  We will write in the planners when the first day of library is.

Please contact me with any questions or comments!

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