School is not working for my child!

For some kids school is a very bumpy road. Parents can feel very helpless watching their kids struggle, not knowing how to support their child or navigate the system. As a school counsellor, part of my job is to support families who are struggling in the school system. I am open to hearing parents’ concerns about their child in school and about the school itself. This article also provides some guidance.

Anger – we need to know it to tame it

Anger is a natural and healthy emotion. We all feel angry from time to time. However, when children outwardly express their angry it can be a trigger for their parents and caregivers. The more children and their parents understand anger the better they become at expressing it and reacting to the expression of it. This article provides very practical ways to discuss anger with children.

Anxious children

Anxiety in children is no longer a rarity. Many parents report that their child seems anxious and that they do not know how to respond to their child when they are dealing with anxiety. Sometimes parents unknowingly contribute to their child’s anxiety when they are trying to help them. I recently read two articles that have helpful ideas for parents of anxious children. If you are in need of some ideas read them!

How was school today?

Have you ever asked your child “How was school today?” If so, you know that the answers to this question can be pretty disappointing. I have a five year old of my own who often answers with “good” or “I don’t remember”. Thankfully someone has thought of a bunch of questions that are sure to inspire much more exciting answers from your kids! Give it a try!