Pro D Friday and Pro D Monday Long Weekend

Hi Division 7! 

Image result for long weekend clip art   It is 6:30 pm on Friday evening as I post this LONG weekend’s blog.   My day was FANTASTIC and SUPER PRODUCTIVE as I spent the day at the school co-planning with Mrs. Nielsen.    I hope you had a fun day away from school as you kicked off your 4 day long weekend.  Image result for weather clip artThe weather was pretty crazy with bouncing rain, wind, and the occasional hail storm too!! I hope you didn’t get caught in it! 

 Image result for new student clip art Our week was, once again, jammed packed with learning.  We welcomed Matt (your newest grade 5 classmate) and you all made him feel very comfortable and took extra time to get him involved and connected into Division 7.  Thank you!  

  Image result for substitute teacher clip artYou also had your first TOC day as a class and Mr. Wilm agreed with my assessment of you… LOVELY!  Thank you for making his day enjoyable! My day at WE Day was already great, but coming back to a positive report from the TOC made the day EVEN better! I really appreciate that!! Thanks Div.7! 

 Image result for Rick Hansen We continued in our study of Rick Hansen this week as well.   I hope all of you have watched all the videos I put on the symbaloo about Rick and have learned even more about what Rick’s life, his determination, and what he has accomplished. This week you compared Terry Fox with Rick Hansen and then wrote about how they are unique and what they both have in common.   Rick was injured in a car accident which resulted in him being paralyzed from the waist down.  That didn’t stop him; however, and the word “can’t” ( which he was never allowed to use as a young boy) didn’t enter his vocabulary even after he lost the use of his legs.  Three years after the accident ( by the time he was 18) Rick was a decorated champion in several wheel chair sports.  Rick and Terry were FRIENDS and they played wheelchair basketball together . Rick was INSPIRED by Terry’s Marathon of Hope… which led Rick to his “Man in Motion” world tour.  Image result for Rick Hansen Rick’s dream, which he did realize and complete, was to travel around the world in a wheel chair to raise money for spinal cord injury research AND to highlight the importance of wheel chair accessibility for those who need it.   Rick traveled to 34 countries spanning 4 continents, and took over 2 years to complete that goal.  WOW!!    Rick is still alive, lives in Richmond, and is still an inspiration to many.  Image result for Rick Hansen quotes

The FSA’s started this week as well.  The government requires that  grade 4’s and 7’s all across the province take these assessments. So far, we have done the reading passages and the writing segment.  We still  have the problem solving (math) to do as well as two online segments in math and reading. We are aiming to be finished these before Halloween.  I asked you Grade 4’s to practice the online portion of the FSA this weekend, but I ran out of time to show you how to access it.  Here are the instructions: 

1.Go to the school website. 

2.Look along the right hand side bars… scroll down to FAS links. 3.Click on E-FSA SAMPLE.  That will take you to another page.  4.Choose Burnaby (41) for the school district. 

5. PEN is “123456789” and your PASSWORD is either READ4PR or NUM4PR.  That will take you to each sample.  Then just work your way through it.  Good luck 🙂 

Image result for applause clipart   Something I forgot to mention in previous posts is  how impressed and proud I am of you for how quickly you raised the “megabuck” goal to earn a party.  Image result for food bank clipart  Through the donation of coats (for “coats for kids”) and food bank items, you EASILY raised the 120 megabucks required for the party.  In total so far you have donated 21 coats and over 47 items of food.    We will be planning our party on Friday this upcoming week.     Keep on donating food items… your generosity is hugely appreciated! 

 Image result for recyclable materials clipart  Speaking of donating…. the donation of recyclable items has been incredible too!  We are over-flowing and have an amazing collection of lots of different things that we will be using in the “Great Re-Purpose Project”.   Related image On Tuesday, we will start our planning process, but you can certainly start thinking about what you would like to create and whether or not you want to work alone or with a partner or small team ( no more than 3 people in a team).  I have put new tiles on the symbaloo ( the thinking emojis)  that may inspire some of your ideas.  You can also look up ideas on YouTube or Pinterest as well 🙂 Image result for things made out of recycled materials


Here is your question for the weekend.  What do you think you would like to create for the “RePurpose Project” ?  Do you think you will work alone? With a partner? or In a small team? 

Have a great weekend Div.7!  I will see you on Tuesday! 

Mrs. Davis

Bowling Fun

Hi Division 7!

It was a short, but busy and productive week 🙂 We worked hard all and then celebrated today with bowling at REV’s. What a great way to end the week! I hope you enjoyed getting to know a few new people from other classes and had fun playing your two games! 


On Wednesday and Thursday this week we embarked on our first of many team-teaching and cooperative learning sessions between us and Division 9 ( Mrs. Nielsen’s class).   Our focus is biographies: Life stories.  We have already been learning a lot about one famous Canadian hero ( Terry Fox) Image result for Terry Foxand now we are learning about another pretty incredible Canadian: Rick Hansen.  Your first task was to try to create his story using only pictures. In small groups, you discussed each picture, put them in an order that you felt made sense, and then you wrote the story using the pictures as your guide.  Image result for Boy in Motion bookIn our follow-up session, we read the book ( that the pictures came from) to you and you could see how your thinking matched the actual story.  Together we took notes to record key words or events that matched each of the illustrations as we read.  You then re-told the story in your own words. Part of your homework this weekend is to finish parts 5-8 of Rick’s story.  We will continue to learn more about Rick and his amazing life next week! 

Social Studies got underway this week as well.  Our first unit is a mapping unit.    Image result for map of canada clipart Many of you are working on mapping Canada, the provinces, and capital cities while some of you are moving beyond our country to mapping the continents, oceans, and learning a few more complex mapping skills. Image result for map of the world clipart Remember to check out our symbaloo to play some of the geography games I have posted for you to try.  The Canadian geography site is perfect for studying in a fun way 🙂 

 Image result for contracts clipart                                            This week we also started sharing our “Dear Division 7” letters with each other.  During our community circle time, 6 of your classmates shared their letter with you and explained how they want to be treated, how they learn best, and how WE can all help them be successful here at school.  All of you then signed each letter saying that you understood what was being asked and that you would respect each person’s wishes and requests.   Image result for contracts clipartOn Monday, we will hear from a few more people.  As each letter gets presented and is signed, it gets put into our class contract book.  Anyone is able to read it at any time and it will be used if we need reminders if we forget what we agreed to. 

Related imageThis weekend you took home a notice about the “Great Re-Purpose Project” our whole school will be taking on.  Inspired by last year’s “cardboard challenge” we are doing a similar thing, but this time we are using not only cardboard, but any recyclable material.  So, rather than putting out your blue box, send your CLEAN containers to the school so that we can have fun creating something NEW with them.  Please remember to WASH all items thoroughly before you bring them to school 🙂  More details will be coming soon… for now, start collecting 🙂 

Here is your question for the weekend: On the Canadian Geography site on our symbaloo, what game(s) did you play? What levels did you get up to? And, what was your top score? 

Oh, by the way,  whatever was going wonky last week on the blog, is fixed now, but I still haven’t figured out how to get my “Upcoming Events” back as a sidebar… will keep trying 🙂 Image result for happy emoji clipart

Have a wonderful weekend Division 7! See you on Monday 

Mrs. Davis



Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Division 7!

It is 9:50 am on Saturday of the Thanksgiving weekend as I post this blog. I have a bunch of things to do to get ready for my own Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night, but first on my list is to get this posted for you.

What a week we had! First I want to say a HUGE Congratulations to all of you for completing your first oral presentation to the class. I know that speaking in front of an audience can be a bit scary and intimidating, but, you all did a great job! The first step to conquering nerves is preparation. I was impressed to see how seriously you took this task and most of you spent time at home practicing with your family. Your time and effort paid off! Well done!! That was the first of several oral presentations you will do this year. So, give yourselves a pat on the back for your success with this one and apply the feedback you received from your classmates, myself, and your own personal reflections to your next presentation. Regardless of how well you did, there is always room to improve and get even better.

Speaking of success… this week you wrote your personal recipe for success. We discussed the parts of a recipe (ingredients, measurements, and procedure). One thing that we considered was the “measurement” aspect of our recipe. Since the “ingredients” we have aren’t things you can buy in a box or purchase from a store like chocolate chips, milk , or eggs, we needed to describe the amounts of things like “patience”, “determination”, and “hard work” using more general terms. We created a word bank that with terms including ” a ton, a tiny bit, a pinch, a smidgen, a dash, a lot of, a huge portion of, a heap, and the list went on. After you chose your own list of 5-7 ingredients, you created step by step instructions that will lead to your personal success. I look forward to see how your “recipe” turns out this year 🙂

In Math we have completed our third “graph of the week”. This week we looked a “Where were we Born?” and we found out some interesting information. We learned how to create a double bar graph and we practiced describing the data we found using fraction statements. We are also using pictographs to show our data as well. In addition to our weekly graphing topic, we have also been exploring whole numbers and are learning how to read, write, and represent numbers that are 4,5, and even 6 digits long. Each class starts with a game like bingo, high/low, or another game we play in a small group or as a whole class.

We are half way through our first read aloud novel RUN by Erik Walters. It is a fiction story about a troubled 13 year old who, after running away from home, was found and sent to spend some time with his father ( his parents are divorced). His dad is a reporter and is on assignment to cover Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope. At this point in the story, Winston and his dad are travelling in the van with Terry and Doug as they make their way across Canada. I wonder what will happen next??

We started French this week! We started with some basic phrases like “Bonjour” “Salut!”, Comment t’appelle tu? ,Je m’appelle ___. “Comment ca va?” , and “Ca va bien, merci”. This leads me to your question this week. Can you translate each of these phrases back into English? Remember, if you can’t post your response online for some reason ( or it didn’t post) then make sure you do a written response as a back up — just in case! I will check the blog at the usual time, but we won’t be at school on Monday so bring written responses on Tuesday morning.

Have a wonderful long weekend and I hope you and your family enjoy a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday!

Mrs. Davis

PS. Something weird is happening with my blog…. and as I was attempting to update the “upcoming events” sidebar, it deleted entirely and I am not sure how to get it back. So, just a reminder that we are going bowling on Friday, Oct. 13th. We’ll be leaving the school just after recess to walk to Rev’s. Parents walking with us, please meet at the classroom by 10:45 am. Have a great weekend!

Welcome October!

Hi Division 7! 


Related imageIt is 10:45 am on Saturday morning as I sit down to write this weekend’s blog.  Can you believe that tomorrow is already October 1st? Time has gone by so fast, but we have also done quite a lot too!  Here are some highlights. 

  Image result for tennis clipart Image result for tennis clipart Our week started on Tuesday since Monday was a Pro D day, but we hit the ground running with tennis first thing in the morning.  The weather was nice, so we were able to be outside on the courts.  We had another tennis lesson this week ( yesterday) and our final lesson will be on Tuesday ( October 3rd).  If you are still thinking of buying your own racquet, be sure to bring in the money by Monday so Steve can have if for you on Tuesday.  

  Image result for terry fox clipart   Terry Fox was our focus this week as we did more reading about him, took notes, wrote poems, and then celebrated his legacy ( and kept it alive) through our run on Thursday afternoon.  It was SUPER hot, but, considering what Terry put himself through for OTHERS –( running 42 km every day for 143 days until he was forced to stop), our 45 minute run in the heat is nothing we can complain about.  Thank you to everyone who has already brought in their pledges/donations and so far we have raised over half of our school target goal of $5000.  Donations will be accepted until Friday of this upcoming week.  Let’s see if we can beat that goal and help researchers find a cure!! 

    Image result for success clipartThis week we spent some time chatting about what “success” means to us and the “ingredients” required that would lead to success.  We all agreed that success is accomplishing a goal or task and the list of “ingredients” was quite long.  All of us shared a time when we felt successful as well as something that took us a while to learn/do before we reached our goal.  We read the story BIG PLANS and then considered our own “big plans” for this year at school and outside of school.    Image result for Big Plans book  These plans are now being turned into hot air balloon #2 — complimenting our first hot air balloon describing ourselves.  Don’t forget, your identity balloon presentation are this week, so be sure to practice this weekend if you are scheduled to present on Monday or Tuesday. 

Image result for success clipart   Speaking of success…we celebrated  first milestones that were reached by a few of us this week in kilometre club and home reading club.  Congratulations again to those of you who reached those targets.  Related image    We’ll be doing much more celebrating every week from now on as more and more of you reach each milestone at your own pace.  

This leads me to my question for the weekend.  If you had to choose only 4 “ingredients” for your own success in life and at school, what would they be? Here is a sentence frame to help you. Image result for success clipart   Image result for success clipart  

I will need _________________+ ____________ + ______________ + ____________  to reach  my BIG PLANS and experience SUCCESS  at school and at home this year. 



Have a fantastic weekend Division 7! I will see you on Monday! 

Mrs. Davis 

Soaring into a New School Year!

Hi Division 7 Students and Parents,

    Image result for welcome clipart imagesWelcome to our weekly blog!  We are almost two weeks into this school year ( as a class) and I am thrilled with the great start we have had! We have been getting to know each other, settling into routines, and learning the expectations of our class.   This blog serves 2 purposes: One— as an invitation for parents to check in every week to see an update of what we did at school and two, for students as part of their weekend homework routine.  Every week, it is my job to write  and post the blog to access on the weekend.  I will have that done by NOON on Saturdays. Students, it is YOUR job to check the blog  on the weekend between NOON on Saturdays and 7 pm on Sundays.
Image result for 7 pm clock clipart images 
I will ask you a question that you need to respond to either ONLINE, through an email, or on paper.  If you respond online or with an email it has to be there before 7pm on Sunday night. If you choose to respond on paper you have to give it to me by 9 am on Monday morning.  I will be recording blog responders and you will be credited 1 MB for each weekly response. If you respond to every blog post for that month, then you will earn 5 MB. If you don’t, you will earn 1 MB for each week you responded. Image result for checklist clipart images Payment will happen at the end of every month. This is a VERY easy way to earn megabucks. I would LOVE to see 100% of our class checking and responding to the blog every week.  Let’s see how well we can do! 

Since starting as a class we have been very busy! On our very first day as a class we started tennis lessons!     Image result for tennis clipart We have been learning lots of different skills and are getting better at controlling the ball, hitting it over the net and even rallying a few times with a partner.  Image result for tennis clipart   We just learned how to play “Terminator” and will be practicing that game in the upcoming lessons as well.  Remember, if you wish to order a tennis racquet, get your form and your money to Steve as soon a possible. 

 Image result for shopping clipart images   The Mega Market is our class store and it has already seen lots of shoppers.  All of you started with 10 MB in your account and some of you who had birthdays this month have already been given your 5 Birthday Bucks as well.  Remember, the only way to get more money is to earn it so be sure to record the minutes you read at home ( Reading Club) , run or walk during Kilometer Club, and respond to our blog every week.  There are so many things in the Mega Market that some of you are already choosing to save your money for that special item you have your eyes on.  Image result for wishing emoji clipart images

We have started our “At Home Reading Club” as well as our “Kilometre Club” too!  Once you have filled all the spaces on your reading club form and have totalled up all the minutes, be sure to bring it back to school and I will record the minutes you read on our class chart. Image result for kids reading clipart images     Remember, the first 500 minutes will earn you 10 MB and then once you reach 1000 minutes you’ll earn another 5 MB.  Every 1000 minutes after that will earn you 10 MB with a bonus of 25 MB when you reach 5000 minutes of reading.  You can do it Div. 7! We have all year, so keep reading! 

    Image result for kids running clipart images Kilometre Club works in a similar way, except it is done at school and only when the weather cooperates.  So far we have had 2 opportunities to do Km club and some of you are already close to the first target of 5 km.  Again, every 5 km run earns you 5 MB and once you reach 20 km you’ll get a bonus of 20 MB.  

Image result for hot air balloon clipart imagesWe have been busy with our personal hot air balloon art work this past week as well.  All of you have found images that describe your hobbies, favourite foods, family, or other  things that you want us to know about you.  Our goal was to finish by Friday this week and many of you have done that.  Next week you will present your balloon ( and more about yourself) to the rest of the class.  

 Image result for math clipart images  In Math we have played some games like “High/Low”, “Bingo” and “1-100”.  We have also been doing some review of adding ( mental math)  through our “Sum”- words activity . I also challenged you to find words or short phrases that would add up to “$100” in our “100-dollar word challenge”.  Image result for graphing clipart imagesWe also did our first  “Graph of the Week” where we collected data about our class and who is in it.  We made a pictograph and a bar graph to show what we found out. 

Oh yeah, we met “Mystery Doug” this week too!  Every week we will be watching a short video that answers a question that a student about your age is curious about.  This week the question was ” How do they make paper out of trees?”.  We learned quite a bit from that video.  I wonder which question he’ll explore next time?  I can’t wait! Image result for Mystery Doug images

Whew! So you can see how busy we have already been in the short time we have been together.  I am excited for this year! I hope you are too!  

Here is my question for you :  What would you LOVE to learn about this year?   Make sure you respond with the DATE and TIME and be sure to check the blog before 7 pm on Sunday night 🙂 

Have a great LONG weekend!  I will see you on Tuesday since Monday is a PRO D day!  

Mrs. Davis