Another Year is Over…

Hi Division 5! 

  Image result for summer clipart images   It is Friday evening ( June 30th) as I post the final blog for this school year.  It has been quite a year! I have enjoyed teaching all of you this year and for some of you, this is the end of two years together— a pleasure!!  For you grade 5’s it is time to move on and into the upper intermediate grades. I hope you pop by to visit me now and then , or at least a “hi” in the hallways 🙂   For those of you going into grade 5, you may find yourself in my class for one more year…. that would be fun, but, since I can’t keep ALL of you, many of you will find yourselves moving to a new teacher.  Change is good… for all of us!  One thing I know for SURE…. we will see each other on our first day back in September and then in that first week of rotating stations before you settle into your new classes.   For now, it is time for a much needed and well earned break for all of us.  Related image

I also wanted to express a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you parents for your support this year.  Be it an extra set of hands during our “cardboard challenge”, walking to and from the swimming pool, braving the transit trip to Burnaby Village,  taking a flight over Canada, or just chatting at the end of the day as you pick up your kids from school …. I have really enjoyed getting to know you  and have truly appreciated all of  your help this year!  Thanks for your willingness and patience as I tried a new style of reporting and communicating your child’s learning and growth with you.   Having such a pleasant group of parents has made a bit of a crazy year (with all the changes)  VERY manageable.  You have been a blessing!  Image result for thank you clipart images

Finally, another huge Thank you for the kind and very generous year -end gifts you gave!  You are all so thoughtful!  I am one lucky teacher!! 

   I would like to wish all of you a very wonderful summer break as you enjoy the time with your family.  Whether you are “stay-cationing” or heading off on an adventure, I wish you safety, good health, and so much FUN!!! Here’s to a LONG, SLOW summer break so that we can all recharge our batteries and be ready for the next school year in September.  This leads me to your summer blog assignment:  Collect artefacts over the summer of the things you  do or experience.  THEN, on the first day back to school, bring ONE of those artefacts to share with the rest of us… that could be a ticket stub, a travel brochure, a postcard, a photo, or something else you collect.  I look forward to seeing what you bring and hearing about your summer.  Image result for travel clipart images

Thanks for a great year!  See you in September! 

Mrs. Davis

Field Trip, Sports Day, and Father’s Day…

Hi Division 5!

   Image result for sports day clipart   It is after school on Sports Day as I post this blog.  I hope you all had a wonderful time today! The weather was perfect so everything took place outside ( which, given the day we had on Thursday, was a very nice surprise!).   Congratulations to the Blue team for your victory this year!  Image result for tug o war clipart

This week was fun! On Tuesday we had went downtown to Canada Place for our “Fly Over Canada” experience.    Image result for fly over canada It was a first time thing for many of you and from what I could tell you all enjoyed it very much!  I had been only once before and it was a thrill to do it again.  Thanks also to our parent volunteers ( Nathan’s dad, Karl’s mom, Carina’s mom, Jill’s mom, and Liam’s mom)  for joining us and taking on the responsibility of supervising a small group of kids.  We honestly could NOT have done it without you!  THANKS SO MUCH!! 

   Image result for C'est l'ete The rest of the week was lots of catching up and completing work as we wind down to the end of the year.  All of you have finished illustrating your C’est L’ete french books and have taken them home to practice reading and translating them.  I will be listening to you read them to me sometime next week… Grade 5’s .. I will be starting with YOU 😉 

   Image result for petting zooImage result for petting zoo

We also started our mini project (designing a map of a  petting zoo) to apply what we have been learning about perimeter and area.  All of you should now be working on the final version of this and it is due by Tuesday. Don’t leave it to the last minute because you want to be able to add some creative touches like clip art to make it visually appealing 🙂  Treat it like a math and an art activity 🙂  

Image result for parent volunteer award   Speaking of art… we spent the week also creating the THANK YOU! banner for the volunteer tea.  It was a “garden party” theme and in small groups you worked on one of the letters and decorated it with flowers.  It looked gorgeous once all the letters were done.  The banner is still up on the gym wall… next week we can take it down and anyone that wants to have one of the letters will be put into a draw for the letter you worked on.  

So, this is the last time your blog response will be counted for Megabucks toward your account.  The mega market will be wrapping up and final payouts will be made this week.  There will be one more event surrounding the mega market, but I will keep that a secret for now.  Image result for shh secret clipart


Image result for shh secret clipart

I hope you all enjoy your weekend.  Don’t forget… It’s Father’s Day on Sunday! Be sure to honour your dad , grandpa, uncle, or other father type figure in your life this weekend and let him know that you appreciate him!! Image result for fathers day clipart

Here is your final blog response for this year:  Chose ONE or BOTH of the questions to respond to:

  1. In recognition of Father’s Day on Sunday, what do you appreciate about your dad?  What do you enjoy doing with him?
  2. What was/were your favourite stations during Sports Day? If you can’t remember the name of the station, describe what you had to do there.   

See you on Monday Division 5! 

Mrs. Davis 

Growth Fair Success!

Hi Division 5! 

It is Friday evening (7:35 pm) as I post this blog. I have a half hour to get this finished as I am going to watch Mr. Davis and my son’s soccer team play a game tonight.  Today was a SUPER short day for you ( and me– I actually left work at 3 this afternoon).  I have to tell you that once I got home I actually took a dip in our new pool– it was still a bit chilly, but at least I got to go in!! Can’t wait for summer to really enjoy it 🙂 Related image

What a week we have had!! So busy, yet lots of fun!  Yesterday was the growth fair and I think it went REALLY well! Image result for student led conferences clipart   As a teacher, it is so delightful to watch students share their learning with  parents– and yesterday was exactly that for me!!  Your presentation centers looked amazing and along with Division 6’s banners we sure decorated the gym beautifully– it was a visual treat for everyone who came in and took a look! 

  Image result for jolly postman clipartImage result for jolly postman clipart Along with our final growth fair preparations, we did a few other things as well.  Your Jolly Postman books were handed in for me to give you feedback on.  They were SO MUCH  fun to read– and so many of you did SUCH a great job on them– I hope you will hang on to them and save them as a reminder of what you did this year!  I was impressed with the work you put into them — thanks for being so keen and working so hard. It was a long and time consuming process, but I hope you feel it was worth it all in the end.  I know I do!! 

   Image result for lacrosse clipart imagesThis week we also had Sam and Caleb come to share the sport of lacrosse with us. We had one session with just our class and then today we played against Mr. Peters’ class.  As it turns out, we actually have lacrosse equipment at school… so, guess what we will be playing for the rest of June? 

We have watched 4 episodes of Canada: The Story of Us so far.  This weekend you’ll watch one more and then we’ll have seen half of the series. I hope you are enjoying each episode…. I know I am learning some new things I never knew before– I hope you are too! Image result for Canada: The story of us clipart images

We also continued our French booklet (C’est L’Ete) and today we went over each page and learned the translation of the text.  Your job this week is to illustrate ( or find images from the internet) to support each page.  We’ll continue practicing the reading of the text next week.  Don’t forget to also practice the national anthem in French 🙂 

Well, I wasn’t able to get this post up in the half an hour I had before the soccer game.  I have since gone to the game ( which our team lost) and have finished this post before going to bed.  It is now 11:10 pm.  I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you on Monday.  Image result for 11:10 clip art

Here is your question for the weekend:  What are 3 rules of lacrosse?  

Mrs. Davis 


It’s June!

Hi Division 5! 

It is 9:15 am on Saturday morning as I post this blog.  It also happens to be my birthday– and this is the first order of business on my “to do” list for the day.  the house is quiet as Mr. Davis is at work, Miss T is volunteering at “Pitt Meadows Day”, and my son Josh is still asleep in bed.  I am enjoying my chai latte as I post this.  I know that today is “Hats Off Day” in Burnaby…. are any of you going to celebrate that?  The weather is perfect for it– dry but not hot.  Whatever you decide, I hope your day is great! Image result for hat's off

Our week was good.  We spent a lot of time preparing for the upcoming growth fair next week and you worked on your presentation centers.  You chose work samples that show growth in many areas, explained why you picked those and then arranged them on your presentation center. Image result for trifold presentation board clip art Next week we have a bit more to do around that and then on Thursday you will be able to share with your parents and other students.   I am excited for it– I hope you are too! 

Your Jolly Postman stories are at the “finishing touches” stage.  Remember, they are due on Tuesday, so be sure to spend some time each day this weekend to get them finished.  I am very impressed with the quality of work  many of you are putting into this project and the time you are spending at it! I hope this is something you will keep and look back on for many years as a reminder of your year in Division 5.  

 Image result for perimeter and area clipart We continued learning about measurement: specifically perimeter and area.  Perimeter is the distance around an object or space and is calculated by measuring the sides and adding those lengths together.  Area is the space covered by an object or shape and is calculated by measuring the length and width of the sides and then multiplying those together.  We’ll keep practicing this next week. Image result for perimeter and area clipart

In French your task is to learn how to sing the national anthem (in French) which is also on the symbaloo.  For some of you this will be review since you practiced in previous grades.  Image result for canada's national anthem in french  The other French project we started is a booklet entitled “C’est L’Ete!”  That means “It’s Summer!”.  We just started trying to figure out each page might mean using context clues — there are several and next week we’ll continue to work on this as well.  You will be illustrating the booklet and then learning how to read it as well.  Image result for l'ete French seasons

   Image result for canada the story of us cbc On June 1st we started our preparation for the “Fly Over Canada” field trip AND Canada’s 150th birthday ( since Confederation)  on July 1st. Image result for canada 150 logo We will be watching the CBC series called “Canada: The Story of Us” this month.  Episode #1 was already very engaging!  One thing that was pointed out in the episode was that BEFORE the Europeans came to Canada ( which is where the series begins), this land was inhabited by the Indigenous People– the first Nations groups of Canada.  This leads me to my question for you:  WHY do we NOT have information about that time in history– when only Indigenous People lived here– before the French explorers came? Can you think of any reasons for that?   Don’t forget that part of your homework this weekend is to watch and respond to Episode #2– you’ll find it on the Symbaloo.  

Have a fantastic long weekend Division 5!  We are on the final stretch!! See you on Tuesday after Music. 

Mrs. Davis

PS.  Be sure to ask me about how the “Escape Room” experience went… and if I “survived it” 🙂 

One More Month…

Hi Division 5!

It’s 3:30 pm on Friday afternoon as I post this blog.  You have all just recently left for the weekend and I thought I better do this before I go home so that I don’t get distracted by the beautiful weather and forget to post.  It is SO NICE to see the sun and feel its warmth!! Summer is just around the corner…one more month to go. Related image

Although our week was short, it was still jam packed full of learning.  We started our measurement unit last week and  have been practicing linear measurement using mm, cm, and m. Image result for metric measurement clipart We’ve been learning how to convert these units from one into another and have been getting more decimal practice in doing so.  This week we spent some time learning what perimeter is and calculating the distance around various things in the classroom  and outside.  Remember to measure the the perimeter of some things at your home this weekend.  Image result for metric measurement clipart

Your Jolly Postman books are nearing completion!  You should all have your typed pages glued into your book. Your covers should also be done and by May 31st you should have  all the envelopes addressed and the mail finished.   You can use a variety of materials to create each piece of mail, so BE CREATIVE 🙂 Image result for addressed envelope clipart

This week we also started planning for the “Growth Fair” which is happening on June 8th.  You will be  creating a visual presentation to showcase your growth this year at school. Image result for Presentation tri folds clipart I have bought each of you a tri-fold presentation board which you will decorate with work samples, photos, and any other things that show your growth this year as a learner and as a person.  Please remember to bring the $2 next week to cover the cost of those presentation boards.  THANKS! 

  Image result for kids building things together clip art   A.D.S.T is a favourite time for many of you and today we did our second attempt at the challenge we tried a  week ago:  “Flying Transport”.  The task was to create a device that would span a meter long gap ( between the backs of 2 chairs) and transport a ball from one end to the other ( without help such as blowing or touching).  In our first attempt only 2 groups experienced success, but today all groups were successful thanks to the inspiration gained from the previous attempt.  All of you chose to construct a “zip line” to meet the criteria and complete the task.  Related image

Here is your question for this weekend:  In preparation for the growth fair, can you tell me 3 different things that you HAVE LEARNED or areas that you have SHOWN GROWTH in this year and want to  highlight on your presentation center?   

See you on Monday Division 5!  I hope you enjoy the sunshine! 

Mrs. Davis

Mother’s Day Weekend

Hi Division 5! 

I hope your weekend is off to a great start.  Out here in Pitt Meadows the day started with rain, but is now clearing up nicely.  My plan is to do some yard work to get rid of some nasty weeds around the side of our house. Image result for gardening clipart   Did any of you go to the Spring Social yesterday evening?  If you did, I hope you enjoyed yourselves! 

  Image result for 11:40 clipart  This is going to be a quick post as it is already 11:40 am and I am under a timeline to get this up by noon.  Here goes. 

Our week started with you getting the opportunity to participate in the Student Vote for who you felt should hold Burnaby North’s seat in the BC Legislature.  According to our class results, many of you chose the Green party candidate.  Image result for election ballotTuesday was the general election and as we all have discovered, the race is exceptionally tight and hasn’t been fully decided yet.  As it stands, the BC Liberals under Christy Clark currently hold 43 seats ( one less than needed for a majority win). The NDP won 41 seats and the Greens have 3.  There are still MANY votes that have to still be counted, so we won’t know 100% what the election outcome is until the end of this month.  Image result for BC election 2017

    Image result for writing process editing checklistWe spent quite some time working on our Jolly Postman stories this week and many of you are either finished , or close to being finished, typing your pages.  The next step is editing ( first on your own, then with your partner, and then eventually to me). If you want your parent(s) to read your story over as well and offer suggestions, then please do that.  We will have some of Mrs. Keeler’s students help with final edits on Wednesday.  Please do not print out pages until after Wednesday’s editing session is done. 

We did some museum preparation this week as well.  On Thursday we discussed what a museum is, why museums are important, and what museums have in them. Image result for burnaby village museum   Then we did an “artfact” inquiry using some items I found around my house that were a bit unusual.  Yesterday we did a photograph inquiry using some photos directly relating to Burnaby’s past.  On Monday we will look further into Burnaby’s history…. way back to when the First Nations people were the only inhabitants of this land and how they used the land we now call “Burnaby”. 

I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend and take the time to appreciate what your mom does for you.  Mom’s should be appreciated EVERYDAY, but on this day, please do give her that little “extra” she so very much deserves!! Image result for mother's day 2017

Here is your question for the weekend:  We looked at a photo yesterday of a school…. what do you remember about that picture?  Can you list 5 different details? 

See you on Monday! 

Mrs. Davis

A Week of “Yo-Yo” Weather, Music, Track, Dance, and Talents!

Hi Division 5!

It is 8 am on Saturday morning as I post this blog.  Miss T and I are going to a craft fair this morning, so I got up early to get this task done.  I hope your weekend is off to a good start. 

This week was full of fun things! Here is a quick highlight.  

 Image result for kids singing  Monday afternoon we celebrated “Music Monday”.  The whole school came together to showcase something musical.  You did a great job of sharing your recorder skills.  I also enjoyed the use of the kazoos by a few classes.  I think it is really cool how school all across Canada are encouraged to participate.  We are very lucky to actually have a music program taught by music teachers here at our school.  Many students don’t have that. Thanks Mr. Yanko and Mr. Turpin!! 

The next fun activity took place on Wednesday morning when “Project Soul” came to perform.  They were a street dance/ hip hop group and shared with us the history of that genre of dance.  

  Image result for hip hop dancing  What was unfortunate about that performance was that they didn’t use the stage, so all the floor work was very hard ( or impossible) for you to see– I also had difficulty and I was on a chair.  Still, it was impressive and very entertaining none the less.  A bunch of you volunteered to participate in a quick lesson and then danced with the group for the school…. Isaac, Kat, and Jako— WAY TO GO!! 

Another exciting thing that took place was the all day track meet on Thursday.  Only six of you were involved, but it sounded like you all had a wonderful day and strong performances in the races you ran.  Congratulations to Lucas, Liam, Ivan, Brooklyn, Krista, and Jako for your participation and commitment to the Track team. Image result for track and field clipart

The biggest highlight of the week took place yesterday: Brentwood’s Got Talent.  Our annual talent showcase was amazing.  It really is incredible to see what hidden talents and skills so many of your classmates and schoolmates have!

Image result for ballet clipart

I am always impressed by all of the acts but one that I found very unique was the hoverboard ( I don’t remember the student’s name).   I hope you noticed that he wasn’t PERFECT…. he made mistakes but still kept on going and DIDN’T GIVE UP!! What a great example of what a growth mindset can lead to!  Thank you to  Airi  for sharing your beautiful ballet  and for Kat for sharing your acro/ribbon dance!  Image result for ribbon dancing clipart

 Milica, Brooklyn, and Danika also shared their talents in the form of the visual arts which were on display before the talent show in the hallway.  I know that many of you were inspired to possibly share your hidden skills/ talents next year.  I am looking forward to that already 🙂 

Image result for artist clipart

Here are  your questions for the weekend: What performance(s) at the talent show surprised you? Did you have a favourite?  Did you get inspired to do it next year? What would you choose to share? 


Have a fantastic weekend Division 5.  Monday is voting day… consider who you will be casting your vote for carefully.  See you on Monday!

Mrs. Davis. 


Will “April showers bring May flowers”?

Hi Division 5! 

It is 11:30 am on Saturday morning as I post this weekend’s blog.  I hope you had a good day yesterday with Ms. Torresen… I had an appointment so had to call a TOC.  Hope it was a fun day for you all! 

It is the end of April and I can hardly believe how quickly this year is flying by… especially this term!  I titled this blog post “will April showers bring May flowers?” because we sure have experienced a LOT of rain… and our umbrellas on the windows have been an appropriate display.  NOW, you are all working on creating the “May flowers” and I hope that once those are up will also be very reflective of the weather we experience…. I am sure we are all ready for some longer stretches of sunshine and warmth!! Here’s to hoping! Image result for flowers clip art

  Image result for canadian government system   We spent some time this past week learning about government and the different levels Canada has: Federal ( effecting the whole country), Provincial ( specific to each province or territory) , and Municipal ( for each city).  We learned about the different responsibilities each branch of government has and you created a visual representation of that.  We also did some discussing about the three major party leaders and what they are suggesting for our province should they be chosen as  Premier. Big issues are of course : health care, education, affordable housing, the environment, and job creation.  All of you were encouraged to watch the leaders debate on Wednesday evening and a bunch of you were able to tune in to at least part of it.  Next week we’ll continue to learn more so that you are ready for the “student vote” on Monday the 8th.  General election day is Tuesday the 9th.  I wonder who will win this time? Image result for bc elections 2017

  Related image     We continued working on our Jolly Postman book drafts.  All of you are now working on creating the mail ( draft versions) and addressing the envelopes.  Many of you are coming up with very creative ” addresses” for the Jolly Postman to deliver to.  Next steps will be typing each page of the story ( didn’t get to that last week… hopefully this upcoming week will provide that time).  

We also tackled ADST challenge #2A:  Longest Bridge.    Image result for bridges clipart  You were in new groups and had specific materials to use.  In the 15 minute time frame, two groups were able to meet the criteria…. the longest bridge being 125cm long.  When we attempt it again, I wonder what you’ll do to change your structure.  It is so fun watching and listening to you work together.  Image result for bridges clipart



    Image result for acting clipart  Young Actors wrapped up yesterday.  Jared spent the afternoon with you.  I wish I had been there to see what you were taught, but since I wasn’t, it will be you question for this blog response.  Tell me what you did yesterday for Young Actors and what you enjoyed the most out of all three of the sessions we did.  Even if you were away yesterday, what did you enjoy about the sessions that you did participate in? 

Have a great weekend Division 5! See you in May! 

Mrs. Davis

Young Actors Project Kick Off

Hi Division 5!

It is Friday afternoon ( 4 pm) and I decided to get this blog up today before going home for the weekend.  I have a busy evening ( I am watching Mr. Davis and my son’s soccer game) and tomorrow morning I won’t have a chance to post as I am heading out pretty early for an appointment.  Best I get this done now or else I will forget. Image result for checked off list

     Image result for sunny day imagesWhat a beautiful day we had today! It was the perfect day to “cash in” on the time you earned recently  through the food bank collection( 45 minutes) and the extra bonus 15 minutes I gave you from the morning I was absent. I am so glad that we were able to  spend the afternoon in the sunshine playing “Capture the Flag”.  What a great suggestion of location that was and I also enjoyed the variation we did of having only one ring.  We played a total of 7 rounds with the yellow team claiming victory in the end.  Well played!  Image result for kids playing capture the flag games

Image result for bc legislature buildingThis week we started our mini- unit on government in preparation for the provincial election that is happening in May.  There are a bunch of classes ( us included)  that will be taking part in the “Student Vote” on May 8th.  The general election will be the next day.  With a partner you read the “Westcoast Reader” newspaper and found out a bunch of different things that are important to know about voting and elections.  We’ll keep learning more about this subject over the next two weeks.  Image result for bc flag

   Image result for decimal place value  We learned something new about fractions this week which was how to write them in decimal form.  Remember, a decimal is the way you write fractions using our place value system.   The numbers to the left of the decimal point indicate a WHOLE number and the numbers to the right of the decimal point are the FRACTION.   

Image result for drama masksOn Thursday we had our first of three Young Actors Project drama skills sessions.  Jared led you through a bunch of really fun games and activities like : “Re-name it”, and  “Sausages”. He also taught you some body language and movement activities, focusing activities like staring at each other without smiling, and you even got the chance to put together a short little skit.  We have two more sessions this week– I wonder what Jared will teach us next? 

Our Jolly Postman stories are now in the second phase of the process: creating drafts of the mail.  On Tuesday I have booked the laptops and we will start typing  the “stops” you have written .  This will become our SECOND draft of the story.  We will be splitting up so that each of you takes on half of the work from now on which will cut down the time to completion quite a bit.  Image result for writing process

 Image result for kids working together clipart Early this week you had the chance to try “attempt #2” of our first ADST challenge: tallest tower with the cup of water off the floor.  You worked in the same teams and it was great to see how you changed your first strategy to try to achieve the task.  All of you focused on adding height– and most of you were successful.  Our next challenge will be this upcoming week…. I wonder what it could be? Image result for curiosity emoji

Here is your task for the weekend:  I have added a new tile to our Symbaloo. Go to the tile called ” GOVERNMENT”.  It will take you to a site that has some information about the levels of government in Canada.  Read the page on the screen.  Answer the following question:  List  the 3 levels of government in Canada and give 2 responsibilities that each level of government has.  Once you have done that, then you can play the two games on the sidebar: “Level Rule” and “Touchpoints Game” ( in the “explore more” speaking bubble. 

Have  a wonderful LONG weekend Division 5!  I will see you on Tuesday ( after music).  

Mrs. Davis

Happy Easter!

Hi Division 5! 

 Related image   It’s 3 pm on the Good Friday holiday as I post this long weekend’s blog.  My family spent this morning at church and then went for brunch with friends.  The sun is shining so we are also going to take advantage and go for a walk before we meet other friends for dinner.  I hope you enjoyed this first day of the long weekend– however you chose to observe it.  

Our week was short, but we got a lot done.  You all presented your forestry projects and I know we all learned some new things from each group that presented.  I was impressed with not only your presentations, but also the worksheets you created for the class to complete.  Well done!Image result for forestry industry clipart

    Our Jolly Postman drafts took a bit of a back burner this week as we focused so much time on forestry presentations, but we did get some more done on Thursday.  The new timeline to finish the 6 stops is now this coming week (Thursday).  Remember, this is only stage ONE of a multi-stage process.  What I am seeing so far, the stories are coming along really well! Image result for kids writing together clipart

Image result for equivalent fractions clipart

We continued learning about fractions and we now know how to compare fractions using 3 different rules.  1: When the denominators are the same; 2: when the numerators are the same, and 3:  when both the numerators and denominators are different.  We also learned about improper fractions and how to change them into mixed fractions.  Games like ” whole numbers in hiding”, and ” equivalent fraction 4-square” have helped practice these concepts. As you have discovered, fractions are closely related to multiplication and division… so, it is really important you know those skills too 🙂 Image result for mixed fractions clipart

Image result for easter clipart


Yesterday was FUN! We started with an Easter Egg hunt in the class and a draw for some prizes.  Those of you who were absent, don’t worry, I saved you your Easter treat bag for when we are back on Tuesday.

Image result for Earth Rangers

 The afternoon was fantastic as well.  Earth Rangers came and shared lots of information about how we can support them and help animals around the world.  Some of you are already Earth Rangers…. were any of you that aren’t members  inspired to become Earth Rangers after the presentation? Did you notice that many of the things we learned through our forestry unit were mentioned?  I heard the term “Boreal” forest and how some of the logging practices were being changed to preserve the habitat of wildlife.  If you remember, clear cutting is the most destructive to animal habitats, while selective or shelterwood logging are more habitat friendly and don’t impact the animals nearly as much ( or hardly at all).  It was a great presentation all around!  I really enjoyed it.  Image result for earth rangers animals

That leads me to this weekend’s questions: 1.  What were the  “animal ambassadors” that came to visit us yesterday? 2. What are the 5 animals that the Earth Rangers are focusing on saving/protecting this year?  If you can’t remember all 5, just list the ones you do remember.  Also, tell me if you are already an Earth Ranger, or if you may consider becoming one.   

Since it’s a long weekend, I am extending the window to check the blog.  Monday at 6pm is the deadline for checking and responding online this weekend.  Remember, email or paper responses also accepted  🙂 

Have a wonderful weekend Division 5!  I would like to wish you and your family a very Happy Easter! See you on Tuesday- after Music. 

Mrs. Davis