Human Geography – Demographic Inquiry

Human Geography – Demographic Inquiry

Australia by Dante G. & Sean L

Brazil by Jonathan K. & Michael M

Egypt by Giuliana K. & Ermina S

Great Britain by Ben R. & Spencer M

Russia by Carter F. & Aaron C

Switzerland by Nicholas R. & Jaden G

Israel by Jocelyn W

New Zeland by Aimen S. & Jessy Z

Philippines by Alexa T. & Hannah.T

Sweden by Francesco P. and Mattias A

Germany by Heimdal S. & Daniel D

Israel by Gladwin C

Italy by Theo M. & Dante D

Mexico by Jorge E



Human Geography – Demographic Inquiry

Human Geography – Demographic Inquiry

France by Karen C. & Leo Z

Australia by Emma L. & Flora L

Egypt by Virginia P. & Anne L

Argentina by Justin Q. & John T

Afghenistan by Pedro N. & Liam S

Argentina by Justin G. & John T

Japan by Joanne C. & Shawna D

New zealand by Mike M. & Fiona L

Sweden by Angel A. & Kitty Z

Switzerland by Arthur T. & Andrea N

UK by Cindy D. & Anh V.

Singapore by Angela Z. & Winnie X

USA by Hugh R



Famous Inventions Inquiry

Famous Inventions Inquiry

The Airplane by Kendal S. & Vanessa A

The Camera by Jesse N. & Harrissen P

The Car by Kaitlyn R. & Martina S

The Clock by Kate L. & Tiana F

The Lightbulb by Brendon A. & Lovely B

The Radio by Oliver H. & Michael A

The Refrigerator by Alland A. & Kyle B

The Wheel by Elizabeth C. & Emily F

The Calculator by Marai R. & Bethany N

The IPhone by Marcus S. & Yianni Z

The USB by Alexa E. and Ava P

The Telescope by Valentino C