Nov. 22, 2017 Whats happening in Div. 3

Hi folks,

LOTS of things are happening here.  We have recently started to learn about our cultural beliefs about bears and will begin to look more closely at the similarities and differences between the body systems of bears and humans.  We recently watched a video called” Bear Witness: A Film by BC’s Coastal First Nations” about Trophy hunting and a community’s efforts to stop useless waste of bears.  If you want to see it again, click here.  Caution!  Make sure you put your scientist hat on first…there are some gruesome parts in this video which may make some people feel queasy or sick or uncomfortable both with what they see, and how they feel about it. 

Today we are going to begin to learn how to code or if you already know some coding skills, you can develop your knowledge. My hope is that you will become coding mentors for the rest of our school and help your peers (especially the little ones), learn how to code.  To begin, go to  Code.Org 

When you get to this site, click on “Try it”, then choose one of the themes that interests you. You will notice, the themes also have a grade level associated with it to help guide your choice. 

When you post a comment today, please tell people the steps to coding that will help others use this site.  Please write it as if you are writing to a teacher or primary student and helping them learn how to code. 

Circulatory System

We are learning about the circulatory system.  Billy Nye has a nice video to watch learn some interesting facts. You may watch the video that we saw in class here. 




Fun ways to share your learning

Hi everyone,

There are many ways you can show what you know, or what you have learned.  One way is to share using words, another way is to share using pictures or movies (lots of fun).  Remember to always be aware that what you post is public and can be seen by anyone.  If you think you would be proud to have your grandmother see what you have written then it is likely fine.  However, if you would be embarrassed if she saw it, or if it was published on the front page of our local newspaper then you should not post it.  Thank you for practising good posting habits when you were learning about Emily Carr. Now other people who read our site can also learn about her.  I think she was a pretty amazing Canadian woman. 

Your next challenge will be to use comic life.  You will need to take a photo (using the Ipad) of something you are learning about, insert it into comic life, and add text in a speech bubble. After you have finished, share it with me on google docs. You can choose what you wish to take a photo of  but it must demonstrate something you have been learning about.  Happy tech learning time. 


October 24th. Happy Fall!

The leaves are falling! The brilliant reds and yellows that contrast sharply with the many shades of green in the trees around her are all falling to the ground!  This is how I know fall has really arrived.   

Many artists like to draw or paint trees.  Click here to see  samples of Emily Carr’s work on line.  She is a very famous Canadian who painted trees in the wild.  Some of her original work is currently on display at the Vancouver Art Gallery. There are a number of websites that you can use to learn about who she was and what made her famous.  Today we are learning a little bit about how to research facts online.  Please click on “Leave a comment” and tell me one fact you find interesting about her.  Remember to always start with a capital letter and end a sentence with a period or some form of punctuation.  Read your classmates comments as well when they are posted to see if you can learn more interesting facts about her.  Remember to check the validity of your source before you post it. 

Welcome to my blog!

Hello Windsor Community!

What a wonderful community I have the pleasure of joining!  You have some very special traditions and wonderful “ways of being” here at Windsor. I’m loving getting to know each of you and learning about all the things that happen here.  The biggest event (so far), occurred last week when I found I was cooking turkey for all the members of the Annex!  WOW is all I can say.  It is something a person needs to experience in order to understand how amazing it was. Thank you to all of our potato peelers, cranberry sauce makers and stuffing mixers and everyone who helped make this an amazing and scrumptious meal for everyone! We are especially grateful to all our retired community members who came back to help us out!

On another note, to my students.  Welcome to this blog.  I hope that it can become a platform for communicating our ideas and understandings, as well as a launch site for your e-portfolios and google docs. Please take time to review blogging guidelines and always practice safe, caring and respectful language when using these tools.  

Just to test it out, please tell me what makes the Windsor community special for you by clicking on the reply button and typing your response. 

Applied design and skill tech (ADST)

May 2017

Students have been developing new skills this week as we experienced canoeing at Deer Lake!  Out door education in our local environment proved to be lots of fun and challenge as they learned how to hold a paddle and do a number of different strokes to maneuver  their canoes around on the water.

Do you remember what the names of the parts of the canoe were?  Do you remember the names of the paddle strokes you learned? Write a note in the comment section here to let us know what was hard and what words you were thinking to overcome the challenges.  I also encourage you to write a reflection in your e-portfolio.  Next lesson is next Wednesday. 

Friday March 3. Bears and Black History

We have been busy learning about bears and our cultural understanding of bears.  Today we watched a video call Bear Witness.  You can watch the video here.    It raised the topics of trophy hunting, and First Nations cultural beliefs about bears amongst many other things. Feel free to watch this again and see if you notice any other ideas of interest to you.  It was interesting to see this after our day at Grouse Mountain where we got to see and feel real bear fur, skulls and claws.  

As well, today we learned a little bit about Harriet Tubman and Martin Luther King Jr. to start to develop an awareness of “Black History” and why Viola Desmond’s picture will be on our new ten dollar bill (replacing Sir John A. Macdonald). 

Have a wonderful weekend!


Math and Science contests

Hey everyone, check out these contests you can enter.  We will look at them in class, but if you have a fantastic idea, just let me know and we can get you going! 


SD41 Math Video Contest

SD41 Science Video Contest

Feb 8, 2017 — Bears

I bet that got your attention!  Well our class is investigating how our culture influences our beliefs, attitudes and practices.  Today we shared what we know and think about bears and our scribes Mindi and Ryan put all the words up on the board to create our class web diagram.  We had some amazing visual journal responses to the word BEARS which allowed individuals to highlight their ideas.  Our beliefs and knowledge about bears really impacted the visual journal entries.  Check out a few samples included below.    We had a good mix of fairy tale bears and real bears but interesting we also saw Buckingham Bears represented too!