Exciting Professional Development

We had a great Pro-D day learning how to use the Ipads to make student learning visible.


In the morning, we learned how to create and share videos using Adobe Spark.  After a delicious lunch (complete with an ice-cream Sundae), we were taught how to use class blogs to highlight student learning.

As you can see, blogs are a great way to communicate with students and their parents. They make writing activities more meaningful by giving students a chance to publish their work and receive feedback from an audience of their peers. 

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A New School Year

The new school year is off to a good start. There is a very positive energy in the classroom and the students seem engaged and happy to be back at school.

We are beginning the year with a review in Mathematics and Social Studies. In Language Arts, we have begun our study of the Lois Lowry novel, “The Giver”. Students are enjoying playing on the gymnastics equipment in P.E.

Division 3 will have a variety of teachers this year including Ms. Downie, Mr. Petroski and either Mr. Wenzek or Ms. Chang for music.

I am looking forward to meeting parents at the parent-teacher conferences at the end of the month. 

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