Math 9H

This is the intro page for Math 9 Honours.

Here is this year’s course outline:  Math 9H 2013 Course Outline

We use the same textbooks as regular Math 9 courses, so the topics learned and sequence of lessons is generally the same.  Some key differences include:

1)   Contests and Challenge Problems

In Honours classes, a portion of our class time will be spent on math contests, problem-solving topics and challenge problems.  We will also practice past math contests to prepare for this year’s upcoming contests.

2)   Depth of Study

In Honours classes, as we teach each topic, we go a bit further and introduce some problems that would be found at the next grade level.  For example, a Math 9 Principles student would learn basic linear relations, but a Math 9 Honours student would learn basic linear relations AND the more advanced material taught in Math 10.

3)   Homework

In regular classes, students are assigned more of the easier “Practice” questions, while in Honours classes, students will be assigned more of the harder “Problems and Applications” questions.  Occasionally, honours assignments and math contests will be assigned for homework as well.

4)   Tests and Evaluation

The tests in Honours classes will reflect the notes, examples, and extra material that we cover in our lessons, and are generally a bit more difficult than the corresponding tests in regular classes.  However, there will also be more bonus questions on tests, and students will also have opportunities to get extra marks from participation in math contests.

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