3b – Related Rates, Applications of Derivatives

Dec 13 – Implicit Derivatives Notes

Dec 15 – More Implicit Derivatives Notes

Jan 4 – Higher Derivatives Notes

To prepare for Related Rates, watch some videos to review Implicit Derivatives and Preview Related Rates.

Jan 21 – Related Rates Notes part 1

Jan 23 – Related Rates – Day 2 – homework and some examples With Similar Triangles

Jan 27 – Related Rates with Trigonometry

Jan 29 – Higher Order Derivatives pt 1

Feb 5 – Higher Order Derivatives pt 2


Last year’s notes, if you’d like to look ahead.

Related Rates Notes

Related Rates Day 2 – more examples

Related Rates with Similar Triangles

More related rates practice.  finish 1-10 of practice sheet and be ready for quiz next class.

Trig Related Rates

Implicit Diff Related Rates Review Key – Test next class!  Study!






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