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Website is unfortunately down!


Hello math whizzes-in-training!

Unfortunately, our class website’s links have been removed by dropbox, where all my public files for class notes were stored.  Past class notes are no longer accessible online, and I have not found a suitable replacement file storage solution for future class notes.  Until it can be sorted out, we’ll have to resort to old fashioned techniques of “taking good class notes”, “not missing classes”, and “asking classmates for notes and homework when you miss a class”.  Sorry!


You’ve found your way to Mr. Chien’s class website, intended to support students in my classes. Here, you’ll find class notes and handouts which will hopefully help if you miss a class, are confused about the notes from a certain day, or would like to review for a test. I will update whenever I can, but please don’t blame me if you forgot to write down the homework and don’t see the most up-to-date info here. If that happens, you can always call a classmate! Please put your mouse over your class, and you’ll find notes organized by chapter. If you click the name of the course, you will find a link to the course outline.  If you have any questions, please send me email at instead of leaving blog comments, as I don’t monitor submitted comments to this site.

Mr. Chien