Painting with Natural Paints

Division 11 created their own natural paints using strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, lemons, spinach, and icing sugar. After mushing the vegetables and fruits and mixing in powdered sugar, they were ready to paint. The students created art masterpieces with their paints. Check out the bulletin board outside the classroom. 🙂

Artspace Field Trip

On May 17, the students went on a field trip to Artspace. There, they did a drama workshop and a visual arts workshop based on the theme, community. The workshops enriched the students’ learning about what is a community and who belongs to it. For the visual arts workshop, they applied many techniques to their art project, including printmaking, rolling paint, and using chalk pastels. For the drama workshop, the students had to work cooperatively while participating in various drama games and activities. Some of them became ice cream cones, part of a dog, worked at a fire hall, and much more!

Building Names with Blocks

Each student built his/her name using blocks. When done, he/she laid down next to his/her name to compare whether he/she was longer or shorter than the name. After that, each student counted the number of letters in his/her name and graphed it on the chart paper. Check out the graph in our classroom!

Celery Stalk Experiment

The students conducted a Science experiment with celery stalks, food colouring, and water. Before doing the experiment, they made a hypothesis of what they think will happen.
Here are some predictions:
Ahmed- “I think it will turn green.” (in purple water)
Eli- “I think the celery will turn red.” (in red water)
Ryden- “I think nothing will happen.” (in purple water)
Emily- “I think the celery will turn blue when I take it out.” (in blue water)
Alayah- “I think the bottom (of the celery) will turn brown.” (in red water)

On Monday, the students will observe the results!

Cherry Blossoms Paintings

Last Thursday, our class created artwork with our big buddies! Together, they synergized to create cherry blossoms paintings. The blossoms were created by finger painting.

100 Days at School

Wow! Your child has been in Kindergarten for one hundred days! They have come a long way from day 1! To mark this milestone, the students did some activities that involved 100 things. First up was the guessing jar. Many students guessed 100 erasers in the jar. After that, the students made Fruit Loops necklaces- 100 Fruit Loops on a string. In the afternoon, the students created artwork that involved them bringing in 100 of something and gluing it onto a piece of paper. Check out the fun the students had today!


Love Monsters

After reading Love Monsters by Rachel Bright, the students created their own love monsters with their big buddies.

The monsters created are slightly hairy but cute!

Love is…

The students created beautiful art pieces to represent love. Check out the bulletin board outside our classroom!

“Love is caring.”- Katherine
“Love means you care about people.”- Madeleine
“Love is loving your parents.”- Alexander
“Love means you love someone.”- Ghen
“Love means you hug people.”- Paul