Battle of the Books (Graphic Novels) Results!

With a leading 10 votes, Coraline by Neil Gaiman won! Div. 4 had to plan their writing using two different graphic organisers. Students’ final votes were in the form of a 5 paragraph essay, with a thesis, hook, supporting paragraphs comparing a similar element, and a conclusion!

Our David Suzuki poster is coming along…only 7 more experiences and we would have fulfilled our goal!

Picture above is our Simple Machines jeopardy game.

How can we use estimation to help us grocery shop? Applying financial literacy to every day life


So impressed seeing such smart shoppers in my classroom! The Grade 5’s were given $50 to buy as many groceries as they could without going over the limit. Some students were kind enough to give me the change so I could grocery shop as well!

Students in Div. 4 continued to learn about simple machines. This lesson was focused on the wedge. Look how they could balance things with a pencil’s wedge compared to its eraser flat side! Genius Hour is also really coming together. 

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