Social-Emotional Learning (SEL): MindUP Program

For the February 24th Pro-D day, I attended a full day workshop about the MindUP program. Please click the following link to read more about the program:  MindUP letter to parents. Click here to watch a video with Goldie Hawn and Dr. Dan Siegel.

The students have really enjoyed our deep breathing exercises each day… so much so that they ask for it! We have also been learning about our brain and how it works. Click here to go to the website to find out more. Ask your child about their prefrontal cortex, amygdala and hippocampus!

I have also participated in a cross-district Social-Emotional Learning cohort that meets once a month to learn about the RULER approach. We have learned how to use the mood meter to help us share our energy level and emotions as well as to build our vocabulary for feeling words. Click here for more info.

Dear students,
Please share how you feel before, during and after our deep breathing exercises? How do you think it helps you? What have you learned about the different parts of your brain and what it does?

Sincerely, Ms. Chan

2 responses to “Social-Emotional Learning (SEL): MindUP Program

  1. Dear Ms. Chan,
    I like the deep breathing exercises because it helps me feel a little more relaxed, and a little bit sleepy. I feel like my mind is clearer and ready to learn more things. When you taught the class about the brain, I was suprised there were amygdala, hippocampus and a prefrontal cortex in our brain at all! I learned a lot of new things about the brain I didn’t know about. If I saw a big tarantula, (when my amygdala kicks in) the first thing I would do is freeze, then run away as fast as I can. I wouldn’t fight back. That’s too scary for me to do. I REALLY like learning about the brain!

    With interest,

    • Dear Emily,
      I’m really glad to hear that you have enjoyed our deep breathing exercises. I’m glad Anna shared how she used the deep breathing at home when she was feeling frustrated and how she imagined hearing the chime. I too found myself using the deep breathing to calm myself down. I wonder how many other people have used it outside of our time in the classroom. I love learning about the brain too. I find it fascinating. I’m excited about teaching the class more facts about the brain. Emily, I think I would react the same way as you if I were to come across a tarantula!

      Sincerely, Ms. Chan

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