Aboriginal Resources

Thank you to Bryne Creek teacher-librarian, Ms. W. Amy and library assistant Ms. Pam Killin for sharing these links.

Byrne Creek’s 2015-2016 HEART of Reconciliation Project

Aboriginal Education in Burnaby Schools 

SD41 Ab Ed Blog
Honouring First Nations Soldiers – A  tribute to the many Aboriginal men and women who have served in the Canadian Armed Forces over the years. The video highlights the different ways in which First Nations people contributed to the Great Wars.
Stronger Together Inquiry -examples of classroom teachers incorporating Aboriginal perspectives into their practice
Inquiry in Relation to Aboriginal Ed – an example from Byrne Creek’s English 10 & 11 classes
First Peoples Teacher Resource Guides -developed by the First Nations educators and the BC Ministry of Education.
Aboriginal Education Resources: Ministry of Education Ab Ed Resources
If These Walls Could Talk: the physical traces of residential schools – Visual Essay by Lana Šlezić, Lyn Daniels & Aubrey Jean Hanson

Printable Classroom Posters

First Peoples Principles of Learning
Words of Acknowledgement in English and Halkomelem
BSD41 Traditional Territory Acknowledgement poster
BSD41 Acknowledging Traditional Territory guidelines

Truth and Reconciliation – Residential Schools

Reconciliation and Education | Starleigh Grass | TEDxWestVancouverED – Lessons to remember before thinking about, talking about and teaching about residential schools and reconciliation.
Project of Heart eBook A powerful resource, which teachers can use in our classrooms to address the history and impact of residential schools. The online version of this book.includes links to resources including videos, documents, articles, and activities. Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada – the final report of the TRC
National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation – Links to many educational resources as posted by the University of Manitoba
Indian Residential Schools and Reconciliation Teacher Resource Guides -developed by the First Nations Education Steering Committee and the First Nations Schools Association
Indian Residential School Resources – Information, maps, and photos collected by the Indian Residential School Survivors Society.
Legacy of Hope – an exhibition about the Residential School System in Canada. Includes teacher resources, narratives from survivors, exhibits, what life was like, etc.
Home Fire – Home Fire explores family violence and restorative justice from an Aboriginal perspective.Featuring commentary from Elders, community leaders, and members of the western justice system, Home Fire examines the colonization of Canada, historic trauma, the western justice system and grassroots healing programs in Aboriginal communities.
Surviving the Survivor – “A piece I did for CBC’s The National… what else can I say? My dad not only survived but thrived and my son is my sole motivation for doing any good in this life.” by Wab Kinew
Savage – “A Residential School Musical” – a short video by Lisa Jackson. “Set in the 1940s or ’50s, it uses song and dance rather than spoken dialogue to describe a little girl’s dehumanizing journey into the residential-school system. It also depicts her grief-stricken mother, alone in her kitchen.”
Letters to Canada – Children and young people from across Canada prepared this video so that the Human Rights Tribunal could understand why this case is important to all children in Canada
Editorial from National Post by Wab Kinew

Other Resources

Cultural Journey Map – the Sea-to-Sky Highway route is rich in mystery with First Nations oral history, supernatural beings and place names. This map identifies the highlights of this cultural journey.
First People’s Principles of Learning – Martin Brokenleg introducing BC First Nations Principles of Learning and the application of these concepts to Canadian education
First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada – an independent national organization serving Aboriginal children and families.
A Journey Into Time Immemorial – SFU  Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology
Aboriginal Healing Foundation: Helping Aboriginal People Heal Themselves
Forests and Oceans for the Future -“integrating local ecological knowledge with nature resource management.” You can download 7 unit plans
Fragments – Lara Kramer – interpretive dance video
“A Lost Heritage: Canada’s Residential Schools” – CBC documentary
Wab Kinew videos
Revision Quest – CBC Radio show by Darryll Dennis with the view to clear up misconceptions and stereotypes about Aboriginal people
Hear Our Stories: Celebrating First Nations, Metis and Inuit Literature