Jun 24

Salad Day – a great success

Hope that you enjoyed the salads we ate on Salad Day.  Thank you to the parents and teachers who volunteered their time to prepare the salads.  What should we plant next to eat?

Jun 16

Did You See That Zucchini??!!

On Friday June 12, Division 9 harvested the first of the Goldbar zucchini from our garden.  In three weeks the zucchini grew from this cute little yellow piece:


into this lovely BIG zucchini:


We are hoping that it will keep until Salad Day so we can enjoy eating it.

Jun 09

Salad Day is Coming!!!

On June 23 we will be celebrating our gardening success with Salad Day.  Our whole school will eat potato salad (made from the Warba potatoes that classes have been growing) and a sampling of salad greens from the garden.

We need help from our parents to cook and prepare our salads.  If you are able to help us on June 22 or June 23 please sign up at the office.

Thank you,
Ms Carson

May 21

We Have a Garden!!!


We are so excited to have begun our school garden.  We have four “horse troughs” from the Burnaby School District.  Our organic soil (From Artisan Landscaping) was put in the troughs by the hardworking students of Divisions 1 & 3.

So far we have planted:

– Sugar snap peas

– Honeoye strawberries (June bearing)

– Yellow zucchini

We have seeded:

– arugula, beets, carrots, kale, radishes, spinach, Swiss chard, and zucchini

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