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Jun 14

Salad Day is June 22!!

Next Thursday, June 22 will be our Third Annual Salad Day. Classes have been harvesting their potatoes this week – despite the poor weather there are lots of good sized potatoes. Garden greens will be harvested next Monday and Tuesday.  Parent volunteers will be cooking and preparing salads for us.  Yum, yum! Ms Carson  

Mar 25

Potato Growing

Fourteen classes planted potatoes in grow bags the week before spring break.  Over the break the potatoes have been growing stems and roots.  Division 15’s potato sprouts are already showing little leaves. We will add soil to the grow bags to cover the stems so they can send out stolons – new potatoes will grow on the end …

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Oct 21

Pumpkins From Our Garden

TaDa – we grew two pumpkins from seed.  Last spring Kindergarten students seeded them and then some grade 2s transplanted them into the garden.  Our terrific family volunteers watered them through the summer and here they are.  Sadly they were yanked off their vines a couple of weeks ago but were thankfully left in the …

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Jun 02

Garden Yummies

We have been enjoying our crop of strawberries.  So far, most of the gardening classes have been able to have strawberries from our garden.  More are ripening everyday so I expect that we will be sharing the strawberries with other classes next week. Happy Gardening!!

Dec 18

Daffodils and Crocuses Planted

Almost all of our classes have planted either daffodils or crocuses around the trees on the hill by the playground.  The rest will plant them in January.  Our beautiful spring flowers will help attract beneficial insects to our garden.

Sep 13

Thank you Summer Watering Team

Thank you so much to parents and grandparents and students who watered and cared for our garden this summer!!!  The plants could not have made it through the summer without you.

Jun 24

Salad Day – a great success

Hope that you enjoyed the salads we ate on Salad Day.  Thank you to the parents and teachers who volunteered their time to prepare the salads.  What should we plant next to eat?

Jun 16

Did You See That Zucchini??!!

On Friday June 12, Division 9 harvested the first of the Goldbar zucchini from our garden.  In three weeks the zucchini grew from this cute little yellow piece: into this lovely BIG zucchini: We are hoping that it will keep until Salad Day so we can enjoy eating it.

Jun 09

Salad Day is Coming!!!

On June 23 we will be celebrating our gardening success with Salad Day.  Our whole school will eat potato salad (made from the Warba potatoes that classes have been growing) and a sampling of salad greens from the garden. We need help from our parents to cook and prepare our salads.  If you are able …

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