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Mar 25

Potato Growing

Fourteen classes planted potatoes in grow bags the week before spring break.  Over the break the potatoes have been growing stems and roots.  Division 15’s potato sprouts are already showing little leaves. We will add soil to the grow bags to cover the stems so they can send out stolons – new potatoes will grow on the end …

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Jun 20

Salad Day is June 23

Our 2nd Annual Salad Day is this Thursday.  Please send a bowl/plate, fork, blanket to share, sunscreen and sun hat (depending on the forecast) with your child.  Parents will be preparing a potato salad and a green salad for each classroom for students to sample on Thursday. Some students have had the opportunity to sample …

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Oct 17

Planting a Promise

We are excited to be participating in the Agriculture in the Classroom program “Planting a Promise”.  We have been given 35 daffodil bulbs to plant and observe on our school grounds.  We will also be planting other kinds of bulbs to help beautify the school grounds and give students the opportunity to learn about plants …

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Jul 20

Cleaning Up the Garden

With the hot weather some plants have suffered and some have flourished.  Cool weather plants like the peas, arugula and pac choi are finished.  The carrots are doing well and the zucchini are going crazy!! As I was cleaning out the beds I found this huge radish!!  It tasted yummy in my summer salad!

May 21

We Have a Garden!!!

  We are so excited to have begun our school garden.  We have four “horse troughs” from the Burnaby School District.  Our organic soil (From Artisan Landscaping) was put in the troughs by the hardworking students of Divisions 1 & 3. So far we have planted: – Sugar snap peas – Honeoye strawberries (June bearing) – …

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