Community Celebration Tea

Thank you for joining us at Parent -Student- Teacher Conferences! It was wonderful getting a chance to share our learning with you!

We would like to invite you for our classroom community tea next Thursday Dec. 21st. Please join us for tea, cookies, and graphic novels! 

Extreme Air Park Fitness!

A huge thank you to our school PAC for sending us to Extreme Air Park for our success in fundraising! We had a blast!

How Does the Digestion System of An Owl Work?



Wow! What an amazing experience we had dissecting owl pellets with our little buddies last week! Tell your families what you learned and what you noticed – about owls and about the creatures they eat!


We were so lucky to have the gymnastics equipment up for all of November! What new skills did you learn this term?

Parent Student Teacher Conferences

This weekend, students are bringing are excited to be sharing their work with their families! They want to show you their paper portfolios, as well as their online Eportfolios!

As they show you their portfolios, you could ask them:

  • Why are you proud of this piece of work?
  • How does this show your learning?
  • What is something you did really well on this piece?
  • What is something you could have done better or in a different way?

After going through their portfolio, please complete the conference form and bring it to our conference meeting. Here is an extra copy: Term 1 Conference Form

Our meetings are being held on Monday, Nov. 27th, Tuesday, Nov. 28th, and Thursday, Nov. 30th. Please let me know if you have a specific question or need to reschedule your appointment.


  • Please return your portfolio on Monday!
  • Friday, Nov. 24th is a Pro D Day!
  • Monday is our first Young People’s Concert!

Welcome to the Forest!

Div. 4 and 5 were inspired by Emily Carr this past week. We created art using oil pastels and blending tools to explore aspects of light and dark, and abstract representations in art.

What does a Habitat Need?

Last week we visited the garden and saw that it had been put to bed for the winter in hoop houses. We learned about composting and discovered what a pumpkin looks like after 2 weeks of decomposing, and then after 4 weeks! We talked about what might live inside a decomposing pumpkin and then moved into exploring habitat. What five components do living things need in their habitat?


How Can We Build the Tallest Tower?

On Friday, we joined our little buddies and worked together to try to build the tallest tower using 19 keva blocks, 50 snap cubes, and a pumpkin! What was your strategy to build a tall tower? What could you try next time?

How Can Discussing Books Make Us Better Readers?

Div. 4 and Div. 5 have been reading and discussing books for almost 2 months now! How has discussing books with your classmates helped you to be a better reader? How many book club books have you read?

What are Different Perspectives in Graphic Novel Writing?

Today in Book Club, we explored different perspectives in graphic novels:

  • middle distance
  • long shot
  • panorama
  • close up

Then we tried to incorporate them into our story board writing that includes all the plot pieces we have been working on

  • exposition introducing setting and characters
  • rising action and climax
  • falling action and resolution

We are excited to start writing our graphic novels next week!

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