Last Friday, we had our first Buddies class with Ms. Key’s class! Together we read The Great Paper Caper and then worked with our little buddy to design a paper airplane that would fly the farthest!

Exploring Our School Garden!

Outdoor learning is a very important part of our class this year, and we have already taken many opportunities to get outside to explore and observe! Today was our first Garden Day and we were very fortunate to have Mr. Vimos share his expertise with us!

After learning about the tools and expectations for the garden, we learned about the reason for harvest festivals such as Thanksgiving, and about preserving food for the winter months – we even got to try some dried squash and apple chips! Then, our small groups got to work – harvesting tomatoes and beans, pruning marigolds, clearing garden beds, preparing the beds for planting, creating garden plans, and starting to plant seeds.

What a busy day we had! What did you learn? What did you see, smell, touch, taste, and hear? Make sure to tell your family all about your experience, and show your parents the photos on your eporfolio! If you aren’t quite finished your post, try to take some time this weekend to work on it!


How Can We Describe Our Book Club Characters?

Today we extended our learning about story exposition by discussing “Character” traits and adjectives. We used our brainstorms from last Book Club to add to a list of juicy words. Then we created T-charts with adjectives and evidence about the characters we chose! Here is our word wall and some examples of our work!


My Learning Journey

Now that we have practised the process of discussing our goals, planning our questions with goals in mind, and interviewing our parents – we are starting to be ready to finish our projects! 

Our next section is “My Learning Journey” and our class brainstorm can be found here:

Download (DOCX, 15KB)

If you are finished this step, you can move on to the next sections!

Our steps for each section:

  1. Purpose: Determine what is the goal of this section?
  2. Plan: What do I already know? What do I want to find out? 
  3. Process: Create my questions and interview my family to learn more.
  4. Reflect: Am I ready to start my slide? Do I need  any more information?
  5. Plan: How can I create a slide to show my learning? > Plan on my draft paper.
  6. Process: Create a PowerPoint slide to share my learning and my understanding using text and images!

How Can Book Club Help Us Become Better Readers?

Last week, Div. 4 and 5 started our book club, this term reading graphic novels! Everyone chose a novel that spoke to them. This week, we got together with our groups to discuss our books!

Throughout the week we have had mini lessons to discuss parts of graphic novels, exposition features of a story, ways to practice attentive listening, and expectations for our book club! 


How Does the Land Shape Culture and Identity?

This week we extended our inquiry to the land, exploring how land shapes culture and identity. We stared with four questions:

  • How can we explore connections to the land?
  • Why are plants such important parts in people’s lives?
  • How can art show connection to the land?
  • What is the importance of water in our lives?

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend

In Div. 4 and Div. 5 we have so many things to be thankful for. Wishing everyone a lovely thanksgiving weekend!

Enjoy your holiday Monday! A reminder that there is no school on Monday. There is Photo Day on Tuesday, October 10th, so make sure you are ready to smile! 🙂

Continuing our Cultural Exploration

Today, we expanded our inquiry into our culture, our family, and our identity by starting to write and think about “My Beginning”. Here is a brainstorm of some of the questions we had and who we might ask. 

Download (DOCX, 12KB)

Here is a copy of our question sheet, in case you forgot yours at school:

Download (PDF, 101KB)

Here is your planning page for your next slide, but you can also use lined paper if you forgot yours at school:

Download (DOCX, 11KB)


Our Cultural Inquiry Project

Div. 4 and 5 have started a journey to explore our families’ history and stories in our Cultural Inquiry Project. 

Some of our main goals for this project are:

  • To celebrate our own culture and our families
  • To appreciate the diversity in our class and learn about our classmate’s families
  • To embrace different perspectives

Below is an outline for our project:

Download (PDF, 346KB)

Our Beginnings 

The first step in our project is to learn about “Our Beginnings”. For this part, students will be interviewing their family members to learn about their family’s history and stories.  Below, is a class brainstorm about some things that we are curious about:

Download (DOCX, 16KB)

This Weekend

Students will be bringing their question sheet home, where they brainstormed 4 questions they would like to start asking. This is a starting point, so please feel encouraged to go beyond these questions! 



Where Can We Find Patterns?


This week, we extended our Algebra and Patterns unit! After brainstorming what we know about patterns, we went out into the community to find more. Today we created our own and started coming up with pattern rules to explore the changes in attributes.

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