Celebrating at Our Picnic in the Park!

Thank you to all of the students and families of Division 17 for making our picnic celebration such a wonderful day! We loved having our families join us to share food and create pastel art in our new notebooks! It was the perfect way to celebrate an amazing school year!

Wishing everyone a fun and safe summer!

Love from,

Ms. Carley


Dear Families,

Please help your children look for their copy of the books, Belle of Batoche, Buffalo Hunt and Prairie Fire. These books need to be returned to the District Library as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Reminders for our picnic tomorrow to bring:

  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen and hat
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Good walking shoes
  • Your potluck item
  • A towel or blanket to sit on

Looking forward to our adventure!

Ms. Carley

Welcome to Our Forest!

Inspired by the art of Emily Carr, Division 17 created forest images using pastel and blending stumps. We focused on blending, creating contrast between dark and light, and finding the shapes within a forest.

How Are Our Body Systems Connected?

Exploring the Life and Art of Emily Carr at the Vancouver Art Gallery!

Div. 17 had an amazing adventure this week when we visited the Vancouver Art Gallery. We had a tour of many of Emily Carr’s famous paintings and then were inspired to created beautiful oil pastel art at our workshop, using special blending techniques. Please take a look at your child’s newest eportfolio post to learn more about our adventure!

Fun With Writing!

Choose 2 questions to write a paragraph about:

  1. What advice would you give to a student who will be in Ms. Carley’s class next year?
  2. How do bears adapt to their environment?
  3. How has technology helped your learning this year?
  4. Should school have a longer recess? Why or why not?

Please remember to:

  • introduce your paragraph
  • give supporting evidence/examples
  • conclude/close your paragraph
  • use a variety of sentences and words
  • show your point of view or opinion
  • check your conventions: grammar, spelling, punctuation!



Emily Carr Challenge!

Your group needs to create a slide project to explain:

  • Who is Emily Carr?
  • Where is she from and what is her background (personal information)?
  • What kind of art does she create? What does it look like? Who was she influenced by? (show examples)

You have 20 minutes to do research and create a Google Slide project!

Here are some places you can start:


Google Emily Carr!


Good luck!

Bears and Body Systems!

Groups have been busy working on creating their representations of Bear and Human body systems!

Soon, we will be creating our stop motion videos to share our learning!

Creating Our Canada Map

What was your Canada Inquiry Group? Was it Mountains? Lakes, Bays, and Rivers? Forests and Animals? Weather? Students in Div. 17 have been busy researching about Canada’s amazing landscapes and representing their findings on our Canada map! We have started our group presentations this week. Congratulations to the groups who have presented and good luck to the groups for next week! We love learning from you!

Marlborough Gallery Walk

Div. 17 was proud to invite their families to the Marlborough Gallery Walk. It was amazing to see art from the whole school displayed together! We were excited to share our Group of Seven art.

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