Overview of ALL scholarships offered with general criteria and deadlines.

Dear Grads,

I have summarized all scholarships offered according to their value, general description and deadline in the table HERE.

Please note that Burnaby District Scholarships are in orange.

For these scholarships:

  1. You must submit your application to Ms. Falsetto (B110) with all necessary documents. These include:
    1. general scholarship application form HERE.
    2. specific application form (depends on scholarship)
    3. at least three reference letters
    4. statement of financial need (where necessary)
    5. any supporting documents that may assist your application (for example, copies of certificates, pictures of trophies etc)

2. The Byrne Creek Scholarship committee will select our strongest candidate. I (Ms. Falsetto) will then advocate for you at the District Scholarship meeting in April.  This deadline is firm.

3. You will be notified of your application at the Grad Ceremony on May 30th.

Please email me with any questions at laida.falsetto@sd41.bc.ca.


Ms. Falsetto


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