Art, Social Studies, Zeemaps, QR Codes, and Pipelines

Byrne Creek Secondary students worked on a cross curricular project involving art and Social Studies, inspired by the activist artist known as Banksy.  Banksy has a graffiti style and uses a stenciling technique to comment on the social and political issues of our time.  In his art he embeds a QR code that links to a website which explains the issue that inspired his art.  Social studies classes studied BC’s economy both past and present; geographical factors; and attitudes and practices in resource development, particularly in relation to the Kinder Morgan Pipeline. Students created works of art that responded to the potential expansion of the Kinder Morgan Pipeline and connected their responses to the communities along the pipeline by means of an interactive map. Click, and then each individual pin to see their work.

Read more about this project in Burnabynow article by Cornelia Naylor.

BC Elections: Student Vote!

On May 9th you have the opportunity to shape the next 4 years in British Columbia!
Under 18? You still can learn about the issues and discuss them with friends and family!

PARTICIPATE in the Student Vote on May 8th and MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

The General Voting Day is May 9th but advance voting starts now! Check here to find advance voting locations near you!

Do you think there should be LIMITS on corporate, union and individual DONATIONS to parties?  Should STUDENT LOANS be interest-free? What do think about the KINDER MORGAN PIPELINE?

Check out the BCGreen, BCLiberals and BCNDP party platforms to find out where parties stand on the issues. Take the Vote Compass survey to find out how your views align. You might be surprised by the results!

Sopithan & Burnaby Teacher Librarians present…

Grade 12 Byrne Creek student Sopithan Rajeswaran has created another terrific
video- this one is on behalf of the Burnaby Teacher Librarian Association.

This music video is dedicated to all the readers and those who are learning how to read through the Burnaby School District. It would not be possible without the work and support of teachers, support staff, administrators, trustees, parents and all the community members.

Jason Chabot Speaks at Byrne Creek

Earlier this week, author Jason Chabot spent the day at Byrne Creek sharing his experience as an accountant turned writer. His “big idea”: don’t get too stressed if you don’t know what you want to do with your life. Go ahead and try out many ideas and then follow what interests you most.

Chabot is the author of the Broken Sky Chronicles series and you can find all three books in this series here in the library.