Art, Social Studies, Zeemaps, QR Codes, and Pipelines

Byrne Creek Secondary students worked on a cross curricular project involving art and Social Studies, inspired by the activist artist known as Banksy.  Banksy has a graffiti style and uses a stenciling technique to comment on the social and political issues of our time.  In his art he embeds a QR code that links to a website which explains the issue that inspired his art.  Social studies classes studied BC’s economy both past and present; geographical factors; and attitudes and practices in resource development, particularly in relation to the Kinder Morgan Pipeline. Students created works of art that responded to the potential expansion of the Kinder Morgan Pipeline and connected their responses to the communities along the pipeline by means of an interactive map. Click, and then each individual pin to see their work.

Read more about this project in Burnabynow article by Cornelia Naylor.

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