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I Remember…

Having worked at, and attended, schools in BC for most of my life I have recently rediscovered my appreciation for the work that people have done over the years to secure the environment I live in. Every year I have joined others to pause in a moment of silence to honour those who have given their lives and risked their future so I may live in peace.

Working at Burnaby South I am humbled to say that I have begun to truly appreciate the risks that my great grandfather WW1 and two grandfathers WW2 and Korean War took for us.

Last year, I contributed in the organization of our school’s Remembrance Day Assemblies. In a school of our size we hold 4 assemblies throughout the day in the setting of the MJF Theatre. ¬†Here the VPA Department performs music, song, dance and video paying tribute to those men and women lost to war. ¬† This year I was able to observe these performances and later talk to students. In these discussions, it became apparent to me that several students who are new to Canada have never participated in these ceremonies. They are visibly moved that we honour these people and they are equally thankful to have the opportunity to say a silent thank you.

It has been the discussions with students coupled with the moving performances that have made me realize how appreciative I am. Despite participating in these assemblies each year and honouring those who have given their lives, it has been the past two years that have made me realize I still have the opportunity to say more than a silent thank you. With that in mind, I will bring this to a close, I need to phone my grandpa.

Mr. Tyler

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