Dec 11

Christmas Week Events!



Chers parents,

Here is a reminder of the upcoming events next week:

  1. Winter Concert – Tuesday December 13th (pm and evening)
  2. Class Party! – Wednesday December 14th (afternoon)

Students are to bring:

  • a snack to share
  • a board game to play with a group of students
  • music for dancing, or Christmas music
  • a wrapped gift for our “Secret Santa” activity

          Christmas craft sale –Wednesday December 14th (am)      Organized by div. 1 and 2 – Proceeds go to Charity organisations

  1. Gingerbread Contest – Thursday December 15th (pm)

Your child has the list of their group members.  All ingredients should be brought on Thursday.

4  Pancake Breakfast (Pyjama day)/ Movie Time – Friday December 16


Please see me if you have any questions!


Oct 10

Bienvenue à l’année scolaire 2016-2017

Bienvenue mes amis!
Bienvenue à notre  “blog” de classe!   Un “blog” de classe  sert à  informer, communiquer, et échanger les idées entre professeur et les copains de classe!  Faites certain de le faire d’ une façon secure et respectueuse.  C’est  aussi une place ou nous pouvons montrer notre travail de classe!

Vous allez trouver de l’information au sujet des évenements de classe et de toute l’école!  Vous allez aussi pouvoir aller aux liens pour vous aider à apprendre ce que nous étudions en classe.

J’espere que vous allez trouver ce blog intéressant, utile et même inspirant!

Voici 5 règles pour notre “blog” que nous devons suivre:

  • Pense à la sécurité et soyez prudent!
  • Soyez conscients à tout ce que tu dis dans tes commentaires!
  • Soyez respectueux!
  • Soyez informatifs!
  • Soyez intelligents!

Il y aura beaucoup plus dans l’avenir!  Gardez vos yeux ouverts!

Merci et à la prochaine!


Madame Brunet

Apr 08

Overview of Third term:

1) French Language Arts:
* Six traits in writing
* Literature Circle with French novels
* Poetry and story-writing

2) English Language Arts:
* Reading and writing of Poetry
* Daily quick writes and editing skills

3) Math:
* Measurement
* 2and 3 digit multiplication and division
* Graphing

4) Science:
* Study of bees and their environmental impact

5) Social studies:
* Fur trade and the effects on the First Nations
* The Explorers and their contact with First Nations people

Apr 03

Third term oral presentation: “The Ideal Career”

Third Term Oral Presentation: “The Ideal Career

Your child will be participating in an inquiry-based project involving careers. Each student will carefully choose a career that they believe is the ideal career. Through research, they will find the following information:

  • Career description
  • Qualities and abilities required for the career
  • Location of work
  • Education required
  • Creativity required for the job
  • Salary / Holidays
  • Uniform or dress required for the work

They will find this information through reading, the internet, and possible interviews with people in the particular field of their chosen career. Ms. Mead our school librarian will be assisting our class with the research.

They will then assemble all their research and write an “opinion-based” speech, which will state how their career is the ideal career. Their speech will have three parts: the introduction paragraph, the body of the argument and a concluding paragraph. The length of the written speech will be 3 to 5 paragraphs long.

How can you as a parent help?

  • Assist your child with choosing a career.
  • Help them find the necessary information (research and writing will be done at school)
  • Encourage them to practice their speech at home.

Thank you for your continued support,


Feb 16

Literature circle. New groups for Feb 16

We have new Literature Circle groups beginning this week. Click the following link for group members and discussion schedule. Literature circle groups Feb 16

Jan 05

Second Term Presentation

Chers parents,

Our second term oral presentation will begin this month.  For the presentation, your child will be teaching the class.  The expectations are that they will choose something that is easy enough to teach, as well as easy enough for the other students to accomplish.  Some examples are “How to make a friendship bracelet”, “how to draw…”,”how to throw a ball”, “how to shuffle” etc…

For details regarding what your child will need to do, what you can do to help, and the dates your child will be presenting, see the following documents:

Oral presentation details

Oral presentation schedule


Jan 05

CPF Burnaby French Film Festival!

Our class will be attending a film entitled “La Guerre des Tuques” Friday, February 5 from 9:45-11:10 at Silvercity Metropolis. It is a classic French Canadian film about a boy named Luc who decides the time has come to organize a mega snow battle pitting one group of kids against another. He leads one army, with the other headed by Pierre and Sophie.

This event is being organized by Canadian Parents for French and is free for all members of CPF. A permission form will be sent home soon!

Jan 05

Raz-kids Reading Resource Online

Your child has been introduced to the Raz-kids a-z online reading program in English. They have a username and password in order to enter the computer program. features a wide variety of interactive e-books and quizzes that have been designed to provide engaging reading and listening exercises for children. They can also read books with help regarding vocabulary and pronunciation. also offers the option for reading without any help as well. helps children improve their reading ability and comprehension level.

Please encourage your child to take part in the reading activities that Raz-kids can offer!

Dec 08


An activity I am hoping to do with the class is to learn how to say “Merry Christmas” in various languages.  Today they were asked to go home and ask how to say “Merry Christmas” in a language spoken at home or in a language that is spoken among the extended family.  Can you please help your child write this greeting down correctly. They will also need to know how to say it in their language so they can then teach it to the class!

Thank you for your assistance with this activity!

Merci beaucoup!

Dec 08

Secret Santa Activity!


At our Christmas party, we will be having a Secret Santa gift exchange activity!  Your child can buy or make a gift for the person whose name they drew from a basket.  There is a 15$ limit to the gift, if your child wishes to buy a gift.  These gifts need to be wrapped and labelled with the student’s name and be brought to school for the day of our party, which is Wednesday December 16th!

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