Blogs Updated – New Media Manager

media_managerThe blog upgrade so far has been successful and you can now continue to use it. What was done?

1. WordPress was updated to 3.5.1 – the left menu will look different and the media upload is a little more visual

2. Buddypress was updated – You may notice that the top login bar is no longer available. This means that if you relied on that to login, there are a few other ways you can do it.
A. Go to and login to the right and then locate your site
B. Go to[path to your site]/wp-admin
C. Add the meta widget to your site and login to the right.

3. All Themes/Plugins were updated. This can possibly add new features, but could also break others. We have noticed some issues with the Poll plugin and Stats.

This update has made our blogs faster and more secure and give us the possibility to offer a variety of new features. We will be outlining these soon.

Let me know if there are any issues you are experiencing with your blog.

A special thanks goes to our IT group who were integral in the smoothness of the update. Thanks for your patience and happy blogging from the learning technologies team.

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