Do you need some tips to help you when you feel angry, sad or frustrated?

Well…we have got some tips for you! Students in Division 6 have been exploring the effects feelings have on our brain and our body. We’ve learned that feelings produce different chemicals in our body – both positive and negative. We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the different strategies we use to help calm ourselves down when we feel a negative emotion.

Check out our tips! What are your top tips to help you calm down?



Welcome to Division 6!

Hope you all have had a restful summer! We had such an exciting few weeks as students have now moved into their new classrooms and are beginning to adjust to the new rhythm and routine of Grade 4/5.

Thank you to parents who took time to visit our class last week. It was wonderful to get to know each and everyone of you! It is truly an honor and privilege to work with your children this year and I look forward to learning about each and every student in our classroom.

Thank you!

Mrs. Binng

We won!

Hi everyone!

Just a quick update! We recently entered a contest put on the Burnaby School District on Digital Citizenship. For March the topic was around internet safety and we entered our Adobe Voice Projects. We ended up winning the contest! Whoo hoo! The students worked very hard to complete their projects. I am so proud of them! They will be awarded their pizza party Thursday, April 14th at lunch and can’t wait!

Please take some time to share and congratulate your children on their success!

Check out the link to see the official news!

March Contest Winner – Internet Safety

Digital Citizenship


For second term, we explored internet safety.  For the final project, students were challenged to create a slideshow that would help other students make better choices when they used the internet.  Students worked in groups of 2 to 4 with the Adobe Voice app on the iPads to create their presentations. We hope you will use our tips the next time you are on the internet!

What are some tips that you found most helpful?








Happy Spring Break!

Hello all!

It has been a busy few weeks at school ending with a field trip to Britannia Mine Museum! Students had a wonderful time seeing the underground tunnels, mills and gold panning. Some of the students actually found gold!

I hope you all have a wonderful spring break. I’ve been spending a lot of time playing board games with my kids. We’re also thinking of going to the trampoline park! What are you planning to do over the break?

With warm regards,

Mrs. Binng

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome back! We hope you found time in your holidays to spend time with your families and relax!

We have jumped right into the second term and have had a wonderful start to the school year.

In Science, we have been wondering about Rocks & Minerals and the role they play in our lives. We went to Central Park last Wednesday and collected many rocks to examine in a Rock Lab!

In Socials, we are so lucky to have Mrs. Hotanamie come into our classroom every Thursday to share and learn about Aboriginal traditions both before and after European contact. Her expertise is valued in our classroom!

In Language Arts, we are continuing to explore non-fiction text. Students are learning to pull the main information out of text and develop two types of questions. We are working towards created deep level thinking questions. For homework each day, we are encouraging students to read non-fiction text for at least 20 minutes a day.

It’s been a busy but exciting week back! For those parents who are wondering how you can help at home. Ask your children questions about their learning specifically with Rocks & Minerals. Read non-fiction text as a family and share your learning with them.

So I’m going to end with my New Year’s Resolutions! One of them being to make sure I eat a healthy vegetable each day! What are some of your New Year’s Resolutions? Please share below!


Remembrance Day


Hi everyone!

Thank you all for being so supportive with our Halloween party last week. The kids had a wonderful time carving pumpkins and celebrating with their friends.

As November approaches, please take a moment to reflect on Remembrance day with your children. Remembrance Day marks the day World War One ended, at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, back in 1918.

A two minute silence is held at 11am to remember the people who have died in wars.  On November 10th, we are having an assembly at the school at 11:00am. Parents are welcome to come to the school assembly. I will take a moment to remember my grandfather who was a soldier in the World War. Do you know of anyone in your family who has been effected by a war? Have you been effected by war? Do you have any ideas to spread peace among our community, city and world? I would love to hear your ideas!

With warm regards,

Mrs. Binng







Halloween is near….

and our classroom is a buzz with ideas! In our class meeting, the students really wanted to celebrate the spooky day! So we worked out the details and have decided on having a Halloween Party next Friday October 30th. We have some fun activities planned:

  • Pumpkin Carving – Please bring a pumpkin to carve next Friday
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Games
  • Food – If each child could bring something to share with the class that would be wonderful. Please be mindful of food that contains nuts/peanuts – please do not bring these items to school

Thank you kindly for your support!

By the way, I can’t wait to be ‘Batgirl’ this year and help my city collect all the candy I can find! I love my job! What are you planning to be on Halloween? Share your spooky plans!

Mrs. Binng

Our busy classroom!

Hi everyone!

The last two weeks have been busy in our classroom!

We welcomed PASS Soccer coaches to our school who introduced us to some great soccer skills! The students enjoyed playing soccer cricket!

We’ve also started exploring the human body and watched a great video about the digestive system! Some of the students were shocked to see what our stomach does to our food! This has led to some very interesting ‘wonder’ questions: “Why do humans need both a large and a small intestine?” or “Why does it take 12 hours for our food to digest?” Their curiosity about the systems of the human body will be the starting point for their Science projects which they will begin in two weeks!

We also continued to talk about our feelings and have created a personal strategy wheel to deal with our feelings of frustration. As a class, we’ve  discussed some different ways to solve problems with people both in and out of the classroom. Feel free to ask your children what strategy they use when they are feeling frustrated.

Happy weekend everyone!

Mrs. Binng

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend with friends and family! This week has been very busy at school. Students had the opportunity to meet with their grade 1/2 buddies! We read stories to our buddies and took them to the gym to Meet the Leaders event hosted by the Grade 6/7 classes. Our students showed tremendous leadership when they were with their buddies on Thursday.

Next week, students will be placed into Math groups and will focus their learning on Place Value. Students can practice these skills at home on (located under the general links tab) for continued practice on this topic.

See you on Tuesday!

With warm regards,

Mrs. Satpaul Binng