This week at Alpha…

Photo day was a couple weeks ago. If you’ve seen your photo and hate it, photo retake day is Thursday, October 12th, so stop ripping your hair out! T

Parent teacher meetings are on October 18th at 2 PM – 3:30 PM.

Construction on the new wing or section of the building is coming along very well! Well done to those who are working outside to finish it off!

Other than that, there is no new news.

To end off, an inspiring quote that Mr. Murray put up some time ago is “Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.” Our thoughts on this is try to stand out in a group of everyone else.

This week at Alpha…

Get ready for a huge load of events this week at Alpha Secondary!

Alpha school clubs and councils are starting back up, and are seeking to recruit new members. Clubs Day is on September 27th in the cafeteria at lunch. There will be a variety of stands to introduce the many clubs in our school to help you find your cup of tea. Some of these include Music Council, Visual Arts Council, Photojournalism, and Debate. If any of these spark your interest, be sure to head on to the cafeteria!

Get ready to run on September 28th as it is the Terry Fox Run, be prepared to get some exercise and raise awareness for cancer. Approximately 8.5 percent of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer of some form during their lifetime. Make sure to take some time and visit a donation box!

The last event this week is, Orange Shirt Day, which is on the 29th of September.

The odds of surviving the residential schools were worse than serving Canadians in WWII. It is important to remember the deaths that were caused by residential schools. Make sure to wear an orange shirt on the 29th to reconcile and remember these tragic events.

From, Beta.

This Week at Alpha…

This week at Alpha, returning students are slowly getting back into the flow of busy schedules and early morning rises, while new grade 8s are getting to know the school and learning what high school life is all about.


Over the summer, the construction workers, as well as some Alpha students, have spent their days working hard on site, making obvious changes to the school. Some of these great changes include new doors at the entrances of the school, windows with working blinds, and repainted walls on the exterior of the school. There were also more major works like seismic upgrades, renovated classrooms, a new classroom, and a spacious band room.


In the near future, the construction of the new wing will be completed, and all old lockers will be taken out and replaced with new ones. Once all the construction is finished, Alpha will have another building with 2 floors. In this building, there will be 14 regular classrooms, 7 science labs, 4 computer labs, an administration space, as well as multiple learning areas. There will also be a new main entrance with a more convenient drop off arrangement, outdoor plazas, courtyard, and parking lot.


This project started in the summer of 2016, and we can’t wait to see the finished product in the fall of 2018.


From, Beta.

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