This week at Alpha…

..all the craze, all the head-turning, anticipation is leading to……….. The Dessert Theatre! At eight dollars for unlimited dessert and a performance, this is the deal of a lifetime! You’ve ever dreamed of entertainment AND nourishment? Well, this is the event for you! There is sure to be a huge turnout, as everyone who ever dreamed of quality sweets handcrafted by the generous student body of alpha, from freshmen to seniors. Another event that occurred earlier this month was a field trip to the Telus World of Science, where students got to explore the World of Science, and watch an enlightening (and guilt-inducing) movie in 720p and a near-180 screen! Another event that occurred was a minor, though nonetheless amazing drama performance by the improv club on the evening of the 29th. Alpha merchandise is also on sale, quality sweatshirts, hoodies and t-shirts all with Alpha’s logo and the choice of your first or last name on the back. Overall, the school as a whole was very busy, but the Mini School 8 class was busier! With the return of Ms. Neumann, students have strived to catch up on science and math work. Also, the grade 8s have had the experience and pleasure of hearing a life story from the famed Guy Felicella, reminding us about the opioids crisis, and how substances can affect our lives for the worse.

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This week at Alpha…

An exciting upcoming event is Dessert Theatre! Yes, you heard me right – there are desserts involved. Come join the Alpha Theatre Company on December 7th and 8th to watch a variety of performances put on by our very own Alpha students. There will be monologues, singing, and comedic presentations. Oh, and dessert. Tickets are $8.00 for pre-sale and $10.00 at the door, so get yours soon! They are also available through School Cash Online. Did I mention the desserts? And they’re free!

All the Grade 8 students went on a field trip to Science World on November 22nd. We spent the day looking at all the exhibits, having fun with the interactive displays, and eating snacks. We got to watch an IMAX movie as well, titled A Beautiful Planet, made in partnership with NASA. It featured breathtaking views of Earth from space and the effects humanity has made on the planet over the years. The documentary was filmed by the astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

On November 28th, our mini school class had a very uplifting presentation by Guy Felicella, about his experience with drug addiction. His story was highly eye-opening and fascinating. He had struggled with drug addiction for three decades and his struggle with this seemed pretty intense and scary. I think it helped us see what the effects of drug addiction can have on a human being and how devastating these effects can be.

Here is a link to an article he wrote for the Georgia Straight:

Christmas is coming soon and we hope you have a great December!

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This week at Alpha…

This week at Alpha,

students around the school have been getting their term 1 report cards seeing how many of them have “failed the Asian test” or did completely fine in normal Canadian society’s expectations. Also at the start of the week there was a fun movie night brought to you buy Alpha’s music council, who decided to be watching Spider-Man Homecoming in the drama studio. On Wednesday all of the school’s 8th Graders took a trip to Science world as per annual tradition, here they’d experience the various exhibits and watch a film in the IMAX Theatre. Thus a wonderful week is concluded, with many exciting and stressful times.

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This week at Alpha…

This week at Alpha,

Featured the first dance of the year, the Glow dance, run by Alpha’s very own student government, for the students. This week also had many students doing the Beaver Computing Challenge, a challenge that tests one’s ability to quickly and effectively problem solve and figure out logic puzzles. Many people had gotten varying results, but a majority of them seemed to have been positive. This week the skiing and snowboarding club announced that they would be taking students on trips over to whistler for what seems to be thrilling downhill runs for some, and vomit-inducing, bone breaking trauma while being forced down a mountain for others. Overall this week has been very eventful for many students, sharing fun times at the dance or stressing over random questions while a timer slowly ticks down, thankfully we’ve been having many long weekends lately!

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To Alpha…

To Alpha;

The Beta mini school collects recyclable containers such as bottles and cans from the “recyclable containers only” bins throughout the school. There is a large plastic bin in our classroom, where the bags full of recyclables are stored until they are taken in and exchanged for cash at the recycling depot. The problem is that our teachers couldn’t find anyone to empty the bin in our classroom, since they were to busy to do the vile task of sorting the dirty containers at the depot themselves. So the pile of plastic bags got higher and, by the end of the first month, was starting to overflow the sides of the big bin in our classroom. As September turned into October, the pile grew and the bags that wouldn’t fit in the bin were stored under desks.

This wouldn’t have been a big problem if it weren’t for the smell. You see, when the bags were taken out of the “RECYCLABLE CONTAINERS ONLY” bins, they were full of half eaten sandwiches and full milk containers. As well as a bunch of other nasty stuff that, over time, got nastier.

But still nothing was done about the situation.

By the time November came around, we all knew we had a big problem on our hands. Nobody wanted to sit near the back of the classroom (near the bags) because on top of the smell, flies had started to arrive and make a home in our classroom. As well, some of the bags had broken, and garbage juices had leaked out, onto the floor.

Luckily, about halfway through this month of november, a parent was meeting with the teachers and, when asked, said they would take the bottles and cans (and other things) in to be returned at the depot.

So one dark and stormy night, after school, the unfortunate parent came into the classroom and loaded all of the plastic bags into their car and drove away into the night…

A few days later, the child of the unfortunate parent walked into class at the start of day to quickly drop of a top secret envelope containing the money from his dad’s trip to the recycling depot. He then left for his other classes, the day went pretty much as usual, except other students noticed that the young boy was quieter than usual and tended to jump at small noises. Although they could never have guessed the reason for this, I’m going to tell you, first hand, that it was because of the horrors from inside the plastic bags that the child’s dad had spoken of that very morning. These stories would go on to haunt the poor child for the rest of his life.

From Beta.

Special thanks to my dad for giving me the idea for this. And for cleaning up all of the plastic bags. The whole class thanks you!


This week at Alpha

We’re super excited to talk about what’s been happening around our beloved school, Alpha. With the days becoming colder, and the spirit becoming brighter, Alpha is getting ready for the winter season! Hot chocolate sales have been popping up, and everyone is beginning to dress warmer for the weather. This month, everyone has been focusing on one thing, which is the winter holidays! We’re sure you’ve seen holiday decorations beginning to appear as you walk through the school. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for any festive cheer~

Have you heard about Dessert Theatre yet? If not, you’re missing out! Dessert Theatre is an event the Theatre Company hosts annually. The concept of this event is a fun night where both the actors and the audience can enjoy themselves. Basically, students will be playing various hilarious improv games, which are completely unscripted! While watching the fun, there are a large variety of baked goods, snacks, and drinks to choose from. There will also be singing performances, dance numbers, and other awesome forms of art, as well as some hidden talents. Tickets are currently being sold in the cafeteria, but they sell out fast, so if you’re interested, be sure to snag yourself a spot!

On collab day we had presentations regarding anxiety and LGBT2Q+ topics. We learned about what the symptoms of anxiety are, and how it’s normal to have and many people, including celebrities suffer from it. Though some people have more extreme anxiety than others, it’s a common thing many people go through. However, an anxiety disorder or chronic anxiety is a lot more burdening on the person, and is different compared to regular anxiety. Some instances where you may feel anxious include: an upcoming soccer match, a math test, doing a presentation in front of your class. This also ties in with phobias, which are very extreme and irrational fears of certain things. Many people use this term loosely for something they are just mildly scared of, whereas some people can get very afraid of certain things and will do anything to avoid them.

As for the second presentation we got, we learned about the LGBTQA+ community. We were able to learn that gender and sexuality exist on a scale, and that there are an infinite number of possibilities. The GenderBread man was a good example

We also talked about how minorities including the LGBTQA+ community are constantly being oppressed or not getting the recognition they deserve. For example, most movies with gay characters, usually end with the gay character dying. This is because in the past, if you wanted to write a book with an LGBT character, you HAD to either kill them off, or make them turn straight in the end, or else your book would not be published.

This month, the grade 8s and 9s were all given a great presentation during collap about how our actions on the internet stay with us forever, and even could come back and affect our chances at jobs and scholarships. Overall, he had 2 main points in his presentation. The first is that we can’t just use these apps like Snapchat and Instagram as we are now, but we also have to look out for ourselves in the future because nothing is ever off from the internet, not even your 10 second long snaps. The second lesson is that we can be successful in life, and we can even make money off the internet by making apps or Youtube channels, but we have to work for it, and not just stay in our comfort zone, using other people’s apps. For most people, these two points were real eye openers, and I’m sure people are trying there best to change themselves after hearing this presentation.

Alpha’s student council is selling Alpha apparel! They are selling in the cafeteria at lunch. There are a few selections of colours and designs to choose from. Currently, the crew necks are $30, and hoodies are $35. You can show your support for the school by buying something! Not only are you funding our school, but the apparel is super comfy as well~

Every year around this time at Alpha, we like to get festive. This year, Alpha’s music council hosted a movie night, complete with free snacks and drinks. The idea of this was to help fundraise for the Alpha’s music concert, and also as just a nice event that you can go and hang out with friends in. The movie chosen this year by Alpha’s music council was Spiderman homecoming, and was played in the drama studio on November 20th, from 6pm-8pm.

This month at Alpha, we also had our very first dance of the year, and also the very first dance of that kind in all of Alpha’s history. The Glow dance was set up and run by the student government and raise money to help out around the school. Glow was held on November 16th, and all that was mentioned on the poster was to “Wear white or neon”. What came next was very unexpected, and very unique. The whole theme of the dance was that it used blacklight, otherwise known as Ultraviolet light. This meant that everything white or neon would glow brightly in a very interesting fashion. On top of that, there were stations set up for neon face paint, which because of the blacklight, would subsequently glow, leading to a very interesting and memorable dance.

This month at Alpha was a great month full of festive activities. Dessert theater was held by Alpha’s theatre company; three great presentation during collab time about anxiety, the LGBT2Q+ community and about our hidden tracks on the internet, we also had an apparel sale, a movie night held by Alpha’s music counsel, and our very creative first school dance that is sure to be remembered. We are really looking to next month with our beloved Christmas and the Christmas break. Signing off for now:



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This week at Alpha

This week at Alpha,

Our class, along with the other two mini school classes and the grade 8 discovery class embarked on a journey to the 30th annual Vancouver Writers’ Fest that took place at Granville Island.

First things first, as if there wasn’t a better way to start off the day, the scheduled buses were delayed to almost 45 minutes late. Thankfully, we arrived at our destination just as our first presentation was about to start so we were lucky to not have missed any of it.

The theme of the two performances that the grade 9 mini school attended that day were based around slam poetry. While both of the shows featured 4 poets, the whereabouts of where the poets came from varied. In the morning performance, the artists showcased were the Vancouver slam poetry team; “Van Slam.” As the art of slam poetry falls into a more modern and progressive category of art, the fact that there was so much diversity in the Van Slam team really did a good job of representing the inclusivity and acceptance of the slam community.

One thing the first performance had that the second performance lacked were the team poems, now, though it makes sense why that was so as the first group was a team whereas the second were individual presenters. But from a personal standpoint I felt that the group poem was a neat touch to the overall presentation. Another thing about the morning show was that the perspectives of which the poets saw the world and wrote from was difference and seemed in a way more raw than the other slam poems I have listened to in the past. Doing so gave the poems more character and put situations that most do not get experience into perspective, especially in terms of emotional weight. For example, the issue addressed by Spillious, a transgender woman, was society’s reaction to someone out of the ordinary. One of the most impactful lines in her poem, was the opening, “I am wonder woman, when people look at me they wonder, man, or woman?” This particular phrase resonated with the audience as in so few words, it described so much.

After the “Van Slam Special,” we were allotted a chunk of time to go for lunch and explore the island before the afternoon show. Granville Island had a lot to offer when it came to interesting stores and quirky trinkets. In fact, there was this one magic store, “Clownin’ Around Magic” that really caught the attention of a handful of students within the mini school. The store carried magic props of all sorts and it was quite the experience to look around at all the different items.

Now onto the afternoon show, to kick off the event, the winner of the 2017 slam poetry contest recited “Wolf Lake” by Elizabeth Bachinsky. Needless to say, her performance was a showstopper and she recited it with so much expression and emotions that it gave the illusion that she was the one in the situation the poem depicted. Though all the poets were fantastic, one in particular that I want to mention was the poet that came all the way from the UK to give Vancouver a taste of her art.

Overall the field trip was a great eye opener and paved the way to our own pieces of slam poems from the BETA mini school. And that was the highlight of this week…



This week at Alpha…

Just last week, everyone in the school got together to do a lap around the school for the annual Terry Fox Run, to support research for cancer. We raised money throughout the week. Great job, Alpha!

We began collecting donations for the Food Bank starting on October 2nd. The most needed items are currently: canned and frozen meats and fish, meat alternatives (peanut butter, soy, assorted nuts), canned goods (beans, soups, and stews), fresh, canned, and powdered milk, brown rice, canned vegetables and fruit, whole grain cereals, pasta and pasta sauces, infant foods and baby formula. Please bring food for people in need.

The Grade 8 Band field trip is on October 6th. We will observe professional musicians and watch the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra rehearse live at the Orpheum theater!

On Monday, October 9th, there will be no school because of Thanksgiving. Enjoy your three-day weekend!

If you didn’t like the outcome of your student pictures from a few weeks ago, don’t worry — photo retakes will be happening on October 12th. Remember to smile!

On the 19th, grades 8 and 9 Beta Mini School and Discovery Program students will take a trip to Granville Island to watch the Vancouver Writers Festival! We hope to gain some knowledge from published writers and poets about the creative writing and performing processes, as well as gain knowledge of the subject areas explored by them. We will attend one workshop in the morning and one in the afternoon

Another four-day weekend will occur on October 23rd, with a back-to-back Pro-D Day and Curricular Implementation Day.

Halloween is coming up, and Alpha has arranged a spoooooky school play on the night of October 30th. Buy your tickets early for the best price. The play will include refreshments, such as popcorn and noodles. Don’t miss it!  

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This week at Alpha…

Photo day was a couple weeks ago. If you’ve seen your photo and hate it, photo retake day is Thursday, October 12th, so stop ripping your hair out! T

Parent teacher meetings are on October 18th at 2 PM – 3:30 PM.

Construction on the new wing or section of the building is coming along very well! Well done to those who are working outside to finish it off!

Other than that, there is no new news.

To end off, an inspiring quote that Mr. Murray put up some time ago is “Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.” Our thoughts on this is try to stand out in a group of everyone else.

This week at Alpha…

Get ready for a huge load of events this week at Alpha Secondary!

Alpha school clubs and councils are starting back up, and are seeking to recruit new members. Clubs Day is on September 27th in the cafeteria at lunch. There will be a variety of stands to introduce the many clubs in our school to help you find your cup of tea. Some of these include Music Council, Visual Arts Council, Photojournalism, and Debate. If any of these spark your interest, be sure to head on to the cafeteria!

Get ready to run on September 28th as it is the Terry Fox Run, be prepared to get some exercise and raise awareness for cancer. Approximately 8.5 percent of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer of some form during their lifetime. Make sure to take some time and visit a donation box!

The last event this week is, Orange Shirt Day, which is on the 29th of September.

The odds of surviving the residential schools were worse than serving Canadians in WWII. It is important to remember the deaths that were caused by residential schools. Make sure to wear an orange shirt on the 29th to reconcile and remember these tragic events.

From, Beta.